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El Paso virus cases near 100 with 19 patients hospitalized: See the case locator map

El Paso virus cases
A map showing El Paso's 96 cases. Scroll down to the end of this article to view a better version of this map.

EL PASO, Texas -- The number of coronavirus cases in El Paso County is now fast approaching 100, with roughly 20% of all those patients hospitalized, officials said Friday night as they again made an urgent plea for residents to stay home.

Dr. Hector Ocaranza of the City/County Health Authority saw no immediate end in the sight to the rising number of virus infections.

“We are going to continue to see numbers go up as COVID-19 spreads in our community at a rapid pace. However, social distancing is the best way to slow down the rate of transmission of the virus, thus protecting our most vulnerable love ones," he said.

There were 18 additional confirmed cases in the past 24 hours to bring the total number of those infected to 96. One of those new cases involved a worker at an east El Paso call center; ABC-7 has fielded tons of complaints from the city's thousands of call center workers who complain of their employers failing to follow social distance directives.

Officials said 19 people were hospitalized Friday, with eight of those victims in intensive care units.

The gender gap between men and women diagnosed with the virus was beginning to close, officials noted. As of Friday night, those infected included 53 women and 43 men.

Ocaranza emphasized the recent city/county orders directing residents to stay in their homes. If you need to run essential errands, he said people should to do so by themselves and avoid taking seniors and children with them. As you make your way out in public, he said you "must maintain a distance of at least six feet from others."

Below is a look at the case locator map and other key data supplied by public health officials.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Every time more draconian measures are implemented in El Paso County the COVID-19 case count goes up not down. Still no deaths yet which is good.

    1. The death rate will go up in El Paso. Or at least the severe cases will. The Chinese designed a bioweapon that will attack those in poor health. El Paso is 70% fat, diabetic lazy arses.

      1. “Chinese designed a bioweapon”. Hahahahahahaha. Doesn’t matter how debunked a conspiracy theory is, be it faked moon landing, the JFK magic bullet, Obama born in Kenya, 9/11 is an inside job, and now this, people just want to cuddle their aluminum foil hats. It’s like village idiots were cloned.

        1. I never supported any of those theories so don’t put me in the aluminum hat wearing category but you must admit something is going on here. This is not a normal outbreak. It is very possible that the Chicoms accidently released an experimental bioweapon. This on has not bebunked yet and is actually being investigated.

  2. Hey KVIA and Jim Parker. You still think El Paso will have 13,000 COVID-19 cases by May 1 based on that moron Bob Moore’s panic speculation? Also, like the other local TV media outlets how about mentioning how many have recovered. That’s 10 to date. Still no deaths. Other counties like Lubbock are far worse. 138 cases, 4 deaths.

  3. what I get upset about is that El Paso’s most wealthy familys are the ones that got to buy up all the good food and supplys, the rest of us who have to wait on social security didnt get a chance to buy food, masks or gloves. I am so sure of this that you pick a wealthy family randomly and look in their pantry I can guarantee that they have tons of surgical masks, gloves disinfectant, steaks, etc all stashed in there nice and neat. So much for El Paso Strong. My daughter is diabetic type 1 with celiacs disease and I cant even find alcohol swabs, or non-gluten food for her. My wife has Rheumatoid arthritis both are take medication to live and my wife takes medication that lowers her immune system, I cant find not ONE mask to keep them safe because some wealth hoarder came and bought it all up. Mr. President please help the less fortunate, help me to keep my wife and daughter safe send me a mask that will protect me and them from that devilish corona virus.

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