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El Paso doctor provides expert advice on how to lose weight, stay active

El Paso, Texas -- The start of a new year usually means having goals you want to accomplish. Like every year, top goals include losing weight and becoming more physically active.

Dr. Michael Lara is a general surgeon and advanced laparoscopic bariatric surgeon at The Hospitals of Providence weight loss center. He said that the top three complications of being overweight are: "High blood pressure. Type 2 diabetes. And sleep apnea."

Lara encourages those who want to start their weight loss journey by going for a walk. He added it's important to avoid living a sedentary lifestyle, but to always consult a physician when starting their exercise journey.

Lara wants to drive home the idea of knowing what you need. "Embark on some kind of activity with a plan or get a personal trainer," he said.

And if you've tried everything possible to lose weight and it's still not what you need, you can contact the Hospitals of Providence Weight Loss Center here. There, they can determine if you're the right candidate for surgical and non-surgical weight loss options.

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