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El Paso Walgreens pharmacist mistakenly gives woman Covid vaccine, not flu shot

(Editor's note: Martin initially said it was a pharmacy tech who administered the shot, but later indicated that she learned it actually was a pharmacist.)

EL PASO, Texas -- El Pasoan Becky Martin went to her local Walgreens store for a flu shot but left with the Covid-19 vaccination shot instead.

Martin posted her story to social media about what happened and also spoke with ABC-7 about the mishap.

"The pharmacy tech gave me the shot then said 'oh no,'" Martin explained.

She said the pharmacist apologized profusely and the store manager told her, "this has never happened in the 20 years I have been here."

Martin said she is now worried about possible side effects from the Covid vaccine injection as she prepares to go on a planned trip later in the week.

In response to questions from ABC-7, Walgreens issued the following statement:

"Due to privacy laws, Walgreens can’t comment on specific patient events, but know that patient safety is our top priority. Generally speaking, such instances are rare. However, we take these matters very seriously. In the event of any error, our first concern is always our patients’ well-being. Our multi-step vaccination procedure includes several safety checks to minimize the chance of human error and we have reviewed this process with our pharmacy staff in order to prevent such occurrences."

Wil Herren

Wil Herren is an ABC-7 reporter who covers both news and sports.



  1. Talk about the millions of dollars walgreens is going to have to put out to this person. Who needs a mandate if the pharmacy is injecting you with vaccines anyway?

  2. this was no accident, theres two small kids in the hospital right now for the same reason in california. walgreens has been doing this all over the country

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