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Sunday Funday Moment: ‘One race, the human race,’ viral Facebook post shows El Paso man and Arizona girl bonding through dance

Sunday Funday Moment: 'One race, the human race,' viral Facebook post shows El Paso man and Arizona girl bonding through dance

EL PASO, Texas-- Today’s Sunday Funday Moment helps us take a break from the hard news and reminds us that sometimes even a complete stranger can find a way to put a smile on your face when you need it the most.

While visiting El Paso from Tucson, Sara Mulcahey captured a special moment on her phone between her young daughter Harper and a local Charlie Clark Nissan employee, Bobby Bone.

“We were shopping the other day and we saw this man that was dancing and singing so we made our way down towards him," said Sara.

"The positivity that he was ringing just made us want to join in and with the current state of our country it was nice to see somebody spread so much joy and it was the highlight of our day,” said Sara.

She posted the special moment on her Facebook page. Her young daughter Harper is usually a shy one so seeing her go up to Bobby and dance away without hesitation brought her a sense of happiness.

(Courtesy: Sara Mulcahey Facebook Page)

“I was raised with God in my heart and God’s love and joy in me was meant to be shared and I love being that vessel that shares the love cause in these times right now that’s what we need." said Bobby Bone, Marketing Representative at Charlie Clark Nissan.

"Love is strength, and when I see little girls like Harper that come out of their shells. Her mom said that she was very shy before she went out there and I love how she wanted to get out there and dance with me and that's what brings me joy. That’s what we need right now as a community to remember the love. That’s what El Paso strong is all about. Community and coming together through stength and love,” said Bone.

(Courtesy: Sara Catherine Facebook Page)

Sara posted the video to her Facebook page on Monday with the caption, 'One race, the human race.'

It has been shared over 300 times and liked over 200 times. A friendly reminder of what it means to be El Paso Strong.

Sunday Funday

Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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