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27 –year old Brent Scott Isaac, Racing and Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon
23 –year old Alan Ramiro Zambrano, Violent Offender
40 –year old Phillip Sandoval, Aggravated Robbery
20-year old Paul Carmona, Aggravated Robbery
57 –year old Eduardo Salas, Theft
17 –year old Anthony Provencio, Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity
45 –year old Lorenzo Provencio, Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity
44 –year old Monica Isabel Martinez, Murder
29 –year old Amethest Harley, Drugs and Stolen Property
38 –year old Joseph Butler, Drugs and Stolen Property
42 –year old Victor Bernard Dennis, Felony Theft
40 –year old Jonathan Macias, Aggravated Assault
18 –year old Joseph Banda, Murder
47 –year old Shiloh Danielle Hutchings, Hit & Run Accident
35 –year old Benjamin Duncan, Capital Murder
21 –year old Alfred Lawrence Gay Jr, Discharge Of Firearm
35 –year old Daniel Humberto Castillo-Nunez, Intoxication Manslaughter
41 –year old Margaret Cantu, Murder
26 –year old Jonathan Jay Oneal, Discharge Of Firearm
50 –year old Alma Estrada, Prostitution
25 –year old Brandon DeShawn Reed, Promoting Prostitution
36 –year old Daniel Bernal Baltazar, Promoting Prostitution
46 –year old Juan Zamora Jr, Promoting Prostitution
62 –year old Randall Nelson Levy, Promoting Prostitution
44 –year old Talena Sue Nelson-Andrade, Prostitution
35 –year old Daniel Villareal, Aggravated Assault
17 –year old Jorge Rangel, Animal Cruelty
19 –year old Edwin Rodriguez, Animal Cruelty
17 –year old Bianca Salazar, Animal Cruelty
73 –year old Juan Martinez, Intoxication Manslaughter
48 –year old Jesse Anthony Sena, DWI
24 –year old Martin Castaneda, Intoxication Manslaughter
30 –year old Oscar Garcia Jr., Possession of Child Pornography
28 –year old Ricardo Marquez, Murder
21 –year old Elijah Andres Miranda, Assaulting An Officer
21-year old Brianna Marie Lara, DWI
21 –year old Josue Macias, Discharge Of Firearm
23 –year old Ruben Macias, Discharge Of Firearm
26 –year old Zakary Frampton, Injury To Child
23-year old Lexis Croysdill, DWI
29 –year old Gerald Lavert Dunn, Robbery
43 –year old Jose Bautista, Animal Cruelty
30 –year old Gustavo Manzo, Aggravated Assault
29 –year old Jose Melendez, Aggravated Assault
39 –year old Ghari Ingraham, Murder
42 –year old Esteban Israel Lopez, Intoxication Manslaughter
30 –year old Bao Duc Vu, Aggravated Assault
18 –year old Daniel Frausto, Aggravated Assault
48 –year old Manuel Moreno, Aggravated Robbery and Drug Possession
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