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Sunday Funday Moment: 9-year-old El Paso twins create face mask business

EL PASO, Texas-- Two 9-year-old El Paso twins are putting their tie-dye skills to good use during this pandemic and all for a good cause.

When they’re not busy with virtual learning, twin sisters Danielle and Isabelle Clifton are busy getting their hands dirty making tie-dye face masks for their business, Unicorn Rain.

“We wanted people to have fashionable masks and we wanted people to stay safe,” said Isabelle.

Fashionable and safe. Two key reasons the sister’s decided to create a business together to provide people with tie-dye face masks during the pandemic.

"We try to be supportive of our girls so when they came up with this idea we just said yes because it was something they wanted to do,” said mom Stephanie Clifton.

The tie-dying process takes about 8 hours, so once school is over on Friday’s the girls begin tie-dying the masks for future orders.

“My mom helps us, our dad he doesn’t really know how to do it,” said Danielle.

This new business is an escape for the girls, but it’s also a way for them to give back to the less fortunate in our community.

"We hope that people buy masks so we have a lot of money to donate it to the less fortunate and animal shelters because they could buy more food or clothes or more stuff that they can play with. For the dogs they could buy more food, toys or medicine in case they get sick,” said both sister's.

The sister's have been selling their masks for the past two weeks to family and friends. They are able to deliver, ship or schedule a meet up for others who wish to purchase a mask from them.

If you would like to purchase a mask from Unicorn Rain by Ella and Bella, you can send them a message through their Instagram account below.

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Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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