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Sunday Funday Moment: After losing her dad to COVID, El Paso teen shares coming out story to prove that love always wins

Sunday Funday Moment: El Paso Mom and Daughter share coming out story to prove that love will always win

EL PASO, Texas-- EP Sun City Pride wrapped up their Summer of Pride festivities with a parade in Downtown El Paso to celebrate inclusivity for all, and it was an especially important event for one El Paso teen and her mom.

Local LGBTQ+ activists and allies gathered to celebrate pride this past Saturday. Participants of all ages proudly waved their Pride flags and showed off their colorful floats, but it was the story of Luna Castro and her mom that really showed why El Paso Sun City Pride does the work they do for our community.

13-year-old Luna recently lost her dad Roman Castro Sr. to COVID. For Luna, the thought of coming out to her mom was something she didn’t know how to do but she recently got the courage to share her true self with her mom and siblings and it was a moment that Luna will never forget.

“It was really important for me because it helped me understand that it was okay and that I was going to be safe here and that I was loved," said Luna holding back tears, "And it made me really happy to know that she cared about me and that she didn’t mind me being gay and it was just a normal thing for us.”

Luna’s mom, Mayda Castro, said that seeing her daughter break out of her shell during the parade made her realize that her once shy 13-year-old wasn’t really shy at all, she just hadn’t found her path, until now.

“You have to love your kids," said Mayda, "And that’s all. Just support them because their happiness is what matters. We give birth to them for that reason, to make them happy."

Mayda went on to tell her daughter Luna that she loved her and was so proud of her.

This story proves that no matter who it is that you love, one thing is for sure; Love always wins!

Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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