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Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday Moment: #ThePenPalProject brings joy to residents at Vibralife El Paso

EL PASO, Texas-- It’s been five months since COVID-19 changed our daily routines. For residents in long term care facilities, not being able to visit with their families has been challenging to deal with.

VibraLife El Paso, a long term care facility in east El Paso, found a way to make sure that their residents still felt connected to the outside world despite not being able to leave the facility.

Back in July, VibraLife posted about their Pen Pal Project on their Facebook page in hopes of finding people in the community who could send letters to their residents to put a smile on their faces during these difficult times.

That post has been shared over two thousand times and within a few weeks the residents of VibraLife were overwhelmed with pen pal letters and care packages from not only people in the Borderland, but people from as far as Ireland.

Resident Mary Lou hasn’t been able to see her family since mid March.
For her, receiving these pen pal letters has made her feel special and not alone.

Jerry H feels the love every time he opens up a new pen pal letter. After reading each letter he says, “bless their hearts.”

The goal for the pen pal project was to put a smile on residents faces. In just one month that goal exceeded all expectations and the residents are beyond grateful for the communities support.

“I was really enjoying your letters, and I dunno how to thank you so much except this is my way in saying thank you. It helps me to feel like I’m connected to the world. It seems like the world is out there and I’m in here and with all your caring concern it makes me feel a part of this wonderful country that we live in, thank you so much,” said VibraLife resident Carolyn Fogg.

There are currently eleven residents participating in the Pen Pal Project:

  • Bonnie B Likes: TV, I Love Lucy, and Reading Novels.
  • Carolyn F Likes: Music, Football, and Bowling.
  • Federico A Likes: Women, Family, and Soccer.
  • Felipe G Likes: Painting, Drawing, and Sports.
  • Gilbert M Likes: Art, Social Work, and History.
  • Hugh P Likes: Old Classic Cars, Food, and he is a Retired Firefighter.
  • Jerry H Likes: Airplanes, History, and he is a Veteran.
  • Mary Lou D Likes: Reading, Dancing, and Shopping.
  • Richard D Likes: History, Computers, and table games.
  • Richard P Likes: USA, Technology, and Socializing.
  • Shirley C Likes: Art, Music, and Geography.

VibraLife hopes to continue receiving letters for each of these residents. Photos of each resident is provided on the facilities Facebook page for those wanting to put a face to the name of the resident they would like to write to.

Messages or care packages can be sent to the following address:

VibraLife of El Paso (Pen Pal Name)

3421 Joe Battle Blvd El Paso TX 79936

Courtesy: VibraLife El Paso Facebook Page
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Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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