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ABC-7 Listens: Foul smell in an east side neighborhood

El Paso,Texas- There’s a smell in an east side neighborhood, residents; say it’s from trash that has been piling up for days. That stench has the residents up in arms, on day number five from its scheduled collection last Friday, residents want answers. We found trash overflowing, bags stacked on the sides of these houses, with flies that won’t go away.

Residents say their trash is usually picked up at 5:30 every Friday morning. Last week about 20 houses on this block were skipped, home owners say they contacted Environmental Services, but were told city offices are closed Friday. When a promised Monday pickup didn’t happen, one woman called again this morning. After she says she was told the city couldn’t get to it today, she contacted ABC-7.
Theresa Lepack said ” It’s Tuesday and still not anything picked up and now, we’ve got flies and bugs and trash that’s blowing all over the place every bodies cans are doubling and filling.”

ABC- 7 reached out to Environmental Services they said “The Environmental Services Department (ESD) has looked into this incident and would like to apologize to the residents that were affected. ESD prides itself on its 99.6% first attempt collection rate, but in rare occasions containers are missed. Crews have since returned to the neighborhood and have emptied those bins that had been left behind previously. We would like the public to know that they can call 3-1-1 to report any missed collections”.



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