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Good Morning El Paso: 09.29.15

from our round the clock news team– a woman is in the hospital this morning after she was hit by a train in central el paso– “we came very close but i think they wanted a little too much. so now we move on to litigation. the back and forth between umc and el paso children’s hospital resulted in no deal yet again. so what is expected as the two head to court later today? and the trail continues today in the case of a former border patrol agent who police say tried to kill his estranged wife’s boyfriend. a very good morning el paso, las cruces, and juarez. i’m stephanie valle. and i’m hillary floren. good morning, everyone. good morning! today we’re seeing temp everyone. good morning! today we’re seeing temp begin in the 50s and 60s. the temps will rise rapidly though as we track into the afternoon and see near record breaking heat! unfortunately another day that feels like summer. the winds are calm today. the sky conditions will remain clear to mostly clear. in the next few days this remains constant but it could change this weekend. we’ll talk more about it coming up! now to our round the clock news coverage from central el paso— a woman is in the hospital this morning after she was hit by a train. it happened around 9 o’clock last night near paisano & spur 1966. this is video our crew shot of the scene as police were inspecting the tracks adjacent to paisano. she was taken to a local hospital with non- life threatening injuries. the investigation is still ongoing. . / no deal for the children’s hospital. the county says enough is enough — and it’s time to move on. u-m-c set a deadline of 12-noon for children’s to either accept or reject its offer. but — just two minutes before deadline —children’s responded with yet another counter offer. they wanted more changes in the language. and we didn’t want changes, we wanted a yes or no. commissioners and umc saying the county hospital has gone as far as it could it go without hurting the taxpayer the county says it doesn’t want children’s to become a wing of umc — but children’s survival is now dependent on a umc partnership– a claim umc’s lawyers are preparing to make in court. and the court case will be continuing today… with u-m-c and el paso children’s leadership headed to austin. abc-7’s andrew j. polk is live with what’s next. andrew? stephanie and hillary, everyone involved hoped for a deal to end the bankruptcy proceedings — and the tense case between el paso children’s and university medical center. but it continues today as u-m-c plans to make its case. the county hospital district and commissioners want to introduce a plan to salvage the children’s hospital. but children’s still has the exclusive right to file any kind of plan, so u-m-c will need the judge’s permission. el paso children’s hospital is opposing that request. we read through the arguments children’s will make today in court. the bankrupt hospital says umc offered to pay 100 percent of the creditors’ claims against children’s. but now it says, umc is backtracking on that offer. children’s says it was going to take them up on it and add quote — “common- sense revisions” to the umc plan. umc ceo jim valenti said that if the bankruptcy judge allows them to submit a plan, it will be presented in the coming weeks to allow for last minute tweaks. we’ll keep you posted and let you know what happens at the hearing. stephanie and hillary? new this morning— a hatch police officer has pleaded not guilty to charges of false imprisonment and battery. the officer is mariano fraere, a five-year veteran of the department. a grand jury indicted fraere earlier this month on the charges. they stem from a june 10 incident involving two men who became verbally abusive toward hatch officers. according to court documents, the officer held two people against their will without legal authority to do so, and injured a man when he forced him to the ground while in police custody. the officer wrote in a report that he had been trying to keep the man from injuring himself. he remains on leave. / a policewoman in las cruces is recovering this morning after she was beaten while on the job. police say sunday morning, 46-year-old timothy ray allison charged at the officer and repeatedly punched her. court documents we got state allison even bit the woman. the court documents state the officer was trying to cite allison for panhandling and trespassing at an auto shop at solano and amador. that’s when the officer says allison attacked her and even went for her gun. a las cruces spokesman says the officer has minor cuts and bruises, thanks in part to a stranger pulling the man off of her. also in new mexico… secretary of state dianna duran is being impeached. she is charged with fraud, embezzlement and money laundering. a panel met at the state capitol yesterday for the first time as part of the impeachment proceedings. the panel has the authority to hire a lawyer … and up to a quarter million dollars to cover the cost. back here in tx– we now know the name of a woman who was killed after being hit by a truck sunday night. it happened in the upper valley along the 66-hundred block of doniphan. police say 82-year- old socorro martinez and her sister parked their car to go for a walk. the driver of a pickup — 54-year-old teddy sanchez, swerved to avoid the parked car — and ended up hitting martinez. sanchez immediately stopped and performed c-p-r. martinez was taken to university medical center where she died. at this time — sanchez is not facing any charges. the trail continues today in the case of a former border patrol supervisor charged with trying to kill his estranged wife’s boyfriend. jurors saw photos taken by a robot! alberto montelongo is accused of holding the couple hostage and shooting the boyfriend in the head. montelongo’s trial for attempted capital murder and family violence began today. this is video from the scene in montana vista. that’s when the sheriff’s office says it sent in a robot to snap photos. in court on monday, investigators told the jury the pictures show montelongo armed with a handgun holding his wife angelica parra hostage. they also testified other pictures showed montelongo’s car parked near the home. prosecutors say montelongo later shot jesus rodriguez in the head. rodriguez survived. we’re back in the courtroom later today. abc-seven got the court records that show a fort bliss soldier is sentenced to 40 years in prison for the death of his 2-year-old daughter. dar-tarious brown was convicted of injury to a child for what happened inside these apartments near william beaumont army medical center in september of last eyar. graham’s cousin told investigators graham beat the girl with a belt because she soiled her diapers. the cousin said graham went back to playing video games and left the girl in her room unresponsive. abc-seven also worked to confirm the latest criminal charges against this former el paso police officer were dropped. court records show zake rivera completed a pre-trial diversion and surrendered his license to be an officer in texas. rivera was accused of taking part in a scheme to misuse money meant for police overtime. in 20-11, he was cleared of sexual assault charges as well. now it’s time to take a look at the tx-dot traffic cams… still much more to come right here on good morning el paso — historic rainfall along the gulf coast has turned roads into canals and parking lots into lakes .. we’ll take a look coming up. / plus—could the latest discovery on a neighboring planet mean that scientists have found life? we’ll explain / meteorologist krystal klei has your detailed forecast. krystal… and this is abc-7, where news comes first!



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