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Plans underway to build monument honoring women veterans

The idea for a women’s veteran monument at Veterans Memorial Park in Las Cruces stemmed a couple of years ago by the organization United Military Women of the Southwest. The state authorized $406,000 for the project last year. Karen Woods, president of the organization, says the blueprints for the monument are almost finished. She says they’re making a final push for additional funds so they can start building.

“When you live it you can understand what I’m saying and until you have lived it you won’t be able to understand,” Woods said.

Woods has decorated her property to honor all branches of the military. She tells ABC-7 she hopes to honor all women veterans too.

“Last year, the president of the United Military Women of the Southwest went to the legislature of New Mexico, presented and said this is what we want to build,” Woods said.

Woods is now president of the organization. She tells ABC-7 the organization has until 2018 to use the funds given to them by the state and time is ticking.

“We need to raise more money,” Woods said.

Woods set up a Go Fund Me account with the goal of raising an extra $150,000. She also has a model previewing the monument. It will have six bronze life size women representing different branches of the military.

“Many of the guys coming around are going, its about time. We think it’s about time too,” Woods said.

Right now only a sign stands at Veterans Memorial Park. Woods says she can’t wait to see a long time vision finally come to life.

“It would mean a lot to me but if the women veterans come out to see it dedicated and to watch their faces and to see their reaction that’s what its all worth for me,” Woods said.

Woods says the blueprints are expected to be finished by the end of next month. The next step is to find a contractor through the city. If all goes on track, Woods hopes for the memorial to be finished by the end of 2016.



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