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Leah Wood talks about Sunset Heights Tour of Homes

Have you ever driven by historic homes and wish you could peep inside? Well this weekend you can at the Annual Sunset Heights Tour of Homes. Today we have Leah Wood joining us. She’s the president of Sunset Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association.

Maria: So you do this every year. It’s really a labor of love for you.

Wood: Yes it is. It has to be. This is our 12th annual, and the last one I will be running as president. It’s really been a pleasure to take over and do all the planning and tours and stuff.

Maria: It’s wonderful because you get people from all over town who come to this historic neighborhood. And this is an opportunity to actually go inside the huge mansions.

Wood: Three of the homes are Henry Trost homes—which is the architect that designed them. I love going through his houses, they’re just amazing.

Maria: There’s been a lot of interest in Henry Trost this year. People from all over the country have come to tour all of the Henry Trost treasures.

Wood: I’m not sure what’s brought on all the interest but it’s nice to see that people want to preserve that part of history and his buildings because they are so unique.

Maria: The tour is Saturday. What time does it start?

Wood: Noon. It’s from noon to four. People were complaining there were too many houses before so we listened and shrunk it down. In four hours you’ll be able to go through 6 houses. The home owners will all be there. We have dozens available that help tell stories about the houses. We’ll also have Mesilla Pedicab available. He’s going to be setting up some of his temporary bike racks so you can bike the tour if you don’t want to walk it.

Maria: So it’s ten dollars for adults…

Wood: And five dollars for kids ten and under. Tickets are available now if you want to buy ahead of time.



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