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Montelongo Trial: Victim Impact Statements

thank you for joing us for abc- seven at five. i’m rick cabrera. and i’m estela cas. 99 years in prison. that’s the punishment handed down to a former border patrol agent convicted of trying to kill his estranged wife’s alleged lover. back in february, alberto montelongo shot the victim in the head after holding the man and the woman hostage in montana vista. a jury convicted montelongo yesterday. the 99 year prison sentence is for the attempted capital murder conviction. montelongo was also sentenced to 10 years on a family violence charge. our newsroom is trying to find out if the sentences will run concurrently or separately. in court today — montelongo asked jurors for a second chance, for probation. he said, quote, “i wasn’t thinking right about many things. my problem was i couldn’t let go.” — end quote. montelongo also said he found god in jail and that helped him turn his life around. our photographer at the courthouse just brought back this video. you can see montelongo’s ex wife, angelica parra, telling her ex how the ordeal affected her. she struggled to hold back tears when she told him, quote: ” forgive you, albert, but i can’t forgive myself for what happened to jesse.” jesse is jesus rodriguez, the man montelongo shot in the head. rodriguez also addressed montelongo, forgiving him, but reminded him he will be affected by the bullet lodged in his head for the rest of his life. new this afternoon — el paso police



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