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Good morning El Paso

“we would certainly have things in mind for ted to be honest with you.” g-o-p presidential candidate donald trump is at it again–this time going after senator ted cruz. hear how cruz is responding just one day before the next debate. plus— the president will be at the pentagon later today— well tell you what’s on his agenda for the meeting. / and abc-7 is your source for everything pope—we have all the details of his upcoming trip to borderland with your complete coverage. a very good morning el paso, las cruces, and juarez. i’m stephanie valle. and i’m hillary floren. good morning, everyone. a low pressure system with a strong cold front will move across southern new mexico late this afternoon and tonight. this storm system will bring windy conditions along with rain and snow showers moving west to east across the region. tuesday through friday mostly sunny and dry weather is expected but temperatures will be cool and well below normal. we’ll have your main weather forecast updates coming up! there’s a shift in the race for the white house….a republican underdog coming in strong. abc’s stephanie ramos reports from washington. it’s your voice, your vote. 0:25 -33 / 0:36 – 0:45 / 1:00 – 1:03 1:12 – 1:14 1:18 – 1:24 1:24 – 1:44 it’s a swift rise for the texas senator – a 21 point gain since october, in one poll cruz and trump up until now have played nice with each other …but that all changed this weekend in iowa, trump digging at cruz for opposing popular ehtanol subsidies. trump sot: if ted cruz is against ethanol, how is he winning in ia? because that’s very anti-iowa. then on sunday morning shows…. sot trump on fox: “when you look at the way he’s dealt with the senate, where he goes in there like a — you know, frankly, like a bit of a maniac anything done. that’s the problem with ted.” cruz in response .. tweeting this video, saying “in honor of my friend @realdonaldtrump and good-hearted #maniacs everywhere” but in the en ?.trump still wants to work with cruz?saying?he sees cruz playing a part in his administration… trump sot: we would certainly have things in mind for ted to be honest with you. this back and forth kicking off after cruz could be heard on tape behind closed doors questioning trump’s and rival ben carson’s ability to run the country. cruz judgment: “it’s als question of judgment.” as cru rises and trump verbally attacks …carson is falling. sot carson tw: “poll numbers go up and down. i wasn’t — i wasn’t excited when they were up. i’m not excited when they were down.” tag: the republican candidates will stand on the debate stage for the 5th time tomorrow. chris christie is back on the main stage.. after being dropped to the undercard debate last time… while…trump will be front and center again …this time flanked by ben carson and ted cruz. stephanie ramos abc news washington. president obama will make a rare visit to the pentagon today. he will meet with his top national security advisers to focus on the war against is. it’s what a spokesman calls an “update.” white house official say no major policy shift is expected to come out of it. this is president obama’s first visit to the pentagon since the terror-linked attacks in southern california and paris. today marks the third anniversary of the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. twenty children and six adults were killed. the shooter was 20- year-old adam lanza. he shot his own mother before mounting his attack at the school. lanza turned his gun on himself as police closed in. / in just a couple of months… the borderland will be getting a historic visit from pope francis. he will be in juarez february 17th … and we are giving you a look at all the places scheduled on the pope’s juarez itinerary. in this animation from the juarez diocese.. we can see how the pope will make his way from the airport to a state prison, cereso no. 3. afterward he’ll go north along the panamerican highway, visiting the bachilleres gym in central park. there the pope will meet with those working in the maquiladora industry. pope francis will have a lunch with priests and seminarians before going to the main event of the day…. a mass in front of thousands, just a few feet from the border. it’s not just juarez that’s interested in the pope’s visit. we can expect thousands on the el paso side of the border trying to catch a glimpse of the pope as well. “he will come ten meters from the fence, and there he will have a prayer for those who especially those who have lost their lives seeking to cross these desert regions but he will also have the opportunity to formally greet us here on the el paso side of the border.” that was el paso bishop mark seitz discussing the pope’s itenerrary on saturday. seitz also commented on the impact the pope’s arrival will have on el paso roads. he said they’re exploring the possibility of closing the border highway. we reached out to tex- dot, they tell us they’re coordinating with the city about detours and road closures. back in juarez… roads are expected to be clogged as well. we spoke with a taxi driver who says although the days leading up to the visit will be good for business… it will be mayhem when the pope arrives. en el momento que venga una figura tan grande asi…he says having a figure like pope francis here will set the city into gridlock. juarez drivers can expect several streets to be closed during the pope’s visit… as the pope makes his way through town. abc-7 will be your source for complete coverage on the pope’s visit… both when he is here and in the days leading up to it. our coverage continues at kvia-dot-com. just visit backslash-pop e … and there you will find our page dedicated to the pope’s upcoming visit to juarez. today– it’s not uncommon for us to rush to the internet when we’re coming down with a cold– or something worse. one popular website– web m-d recently reported el paso ranks number one on its cold and flu map. we spoke with a medical professional about this information– should it be alarming? good morning el paso’s denise olivas is live with the story. web m-d’s cold and flu map is an interactive that uses a combination of geo-location data and information compiled from the more than four million visits to the website. the website displays a real time analysis of the spread of the cold and flu. the map is updated weekly and has proven to be highly predictive of the centers for disease control and prevention information. dr. hector ocarranza, the city and county’s health authority– also treats children at st. anthony pediatrics. he says right now many of the children paying a visit are dealing with cold symptoms. dr. ocaranza says the flu season in el paso typically hits its peak in january and february. while data on websites like web m-d can be helpful– dr. ocaranza says it’s unclear how web m-d collects and relays its information to the cdc: “the websites of some internet…what really is in your diagnosis” he also says it’s important to note– some websites base statistics on only symptoms and not the actual diagnosis or proven disease. so far the health deptartment is reporting about 140 cases of the flu. dr. ocaranza says– last year– nearing the end of the flu season, an estimated 35-hundred cases were reported in el paso county. now it’s time to take a look at the tx-dot traffic cams… still much more to come here on good morning el paso— including the winter storm that hit some parts of the country creating dangerous road conditions for drivers– and while some portions of the country are seeing snow—other parts are seeing heavy rains that are causing major damage –we’ll take a look. meteorologist krystal klei has your detailed forecast. krystal… and this is abc-7, where news comes first! the national weather service reports

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