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Man pleads guilty to stabbing girlfriend to death

a man accused of brutally murdering his girlfriend last changes course… and in turn, could serve fewer years in prison tn initially thought. today, corey franklin changed his plea to guilty which in turn changed what his punishment could be. as part of a plea agreement, kidnapping and tampering with evidence charges were dropped. it was back in january 20-15 when franklin killed his girlfriend graciela hernandez at the couple’s home. they lived in the village of dona ana just north of las cruces… on the 14- hundred block of eclipse. abc-7’s josie ortegon was in the courtroom. she has the new information… … from our new mexico mobile newsroom: corey franklin was facing at least 51 years in prison. tonight, we’ve learned he’ll serve at least 30 years until wligible for parole. niw the family of the the woman he’s accused of murdering just wants closure: pkg: 13:38:54-13:39:06 “it’ been very hard on our family, very, very hard. it’s taken a toll. our family isn’t the same anymore ….it’s not and it never will be.” am emotional day for the family of graciela hernandez as they faced the man who took the young mother’s life. corey franklin was handcuffed and keot his head down as prosecutors recounted the night of the murder. they say franklin stabbed hernandez 11 times.. beat her with a pot.. then went to go buy beer …. before calling police to say someone broke into their home. franklin later recanted that story and told investigators it was self defense because hernandez attacked him with a knife. judge macias sot: “you need to know, there is a mandatory 30 year sentence that i will impose.” b franklin changing his plea to guilty, he avoids having to testify in front of a jury. prosecutor sot: 13:42:25 “with this resolution, there is finality for the family. you don’t have years and years and months of an appeal process.” hernandez’s famil tells abc-7 she is finally getting the justice she deserves: 13:39:51 “she loved her daughter, she loved her family. and for someone just to take that from her…it’s not fair.” lk live tag: the mandatory sentence is life or 30 years until he is eligible for parole. sentencing will take place monday afternoon. in lc, jo, abc7. the man accused of killing an 11- month old baby – could soon be out on bond.



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