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New trial set for El Paso man accused of killing 11-month-old foster daughter

A new trial has been set for a man accused of stomping and killing a foster child in his care.

Antonio Lopez was on trial for the death of 11-month-old Jayla Beckley, but the judge declared it a mistrial when jurors couldn’t reach on a verdict in March.

Lopez is accused of taking the young child out of a crib, putting her on the floor, and stomping on her chest, killing her.

During a bond hearing Friday, Judge Bonnie Rangel reduced the Lopez’s bond to a $25,000 cash-only bond, in addition to a $50,000 personal recognizance bond. His initial bond was $250,000 in 2012.

Six character witnesses, including Lopez’s wife, mother, father-in-law and three members from his churches, testified Friday.

The terms of the bond require Lopez to get court approval to change address. Lopez can’t return to the home where the alleged murder took place. He can have unsupervised visits with children, however, an adult must be present if he has contact with any other children.

When and if he is released, Lopez will reside in a home near Fabens, which belongs to his in-laws.

Aside from his wife and mother, he cannot have contact with any witnesses who testified in the first trial.

Lopez’s lawyer, Jaime Gandara, said the family does not have $25,000 so it is unclear when or if Lopez will be released from jail.

“It’s hard to say, because I’ve been practicing law here for nearly 35 years, and I’ve been known to get people out of jail in less than an hour and some it takes a month,” Gandara said after the bond hearing. “It just depends on the circumstances.”

The new trial is set for Sept. 13.



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