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Carnival ride accident kills 1 teen girl, injures 2 others

hurts the community. it hurts the diocese of el paso.” a girl is dead… along with two others injured… after a ride at a church carnival appears to have malfunctioned. all the victims – teenage girls. it happened around 8-30 last night on the 10-thousand-900 block of bywood near pebble hills and lee trevino. police say it was at st. thomas aquinas church. el paso police confirmed two of the teenager girls were ejected from a spinning ride. both were rushed to the hospital. according to the communications director of the diocese of el paso… one girl sustained life threatening injuries and later died at del sol hospital. the other girl had less severe injuries and is staying at u-m-c. we are told by the diocese communications director that both the teenage girls ejected are 16 years old… the teen who wasn’t ejected is 17- years-old, she was not seriously injured and did not have to be taken to the hospital .. police are working to find out what exactly caused the teenagers to be ejected: “there are regulations, they ar regulated by state statutes. there’s inspections that are required, whether or not this vendor is up to par with that has not been deternined.” “i just thoug that there’s no way this really happened. if somebody got injured ok. you know i can tell you that having the opportunity to speak with father ed, he is crushed. he loves the community. and he was doing this for the community as an event for children.” back in 20-14 2 two teenagers were also injured in a carnival ride at the saint anthony’s bazaar. we are told this ride is not the same vendor as the one from the 20-14 bazaar. the names of the teenagers have not been released. we will update you as we get for information on the cause. that accident happened on a ride called the “sizzler”. it’s ver much like this ride you’re looking at in this video. we found this video on facebook of a different sizzler ride . according to the communications director, the vendor of the ride at the carnival is local and well known to the diocese. she said it’s unclear at this point if churches will continue to use carvival rides for any more festivals. this week’s huge story the borderland has



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