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National nursing union joins East El Paso rally against separation of families

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in East El Paso, marching against family separation at the border.

Protesters marched from Edgemere Park to a Homeland Security facility housing an immigration detention center near Hawkins and Montana.

The protest started at 9 a.m. when hundreds of protesters, immigration advocates and nurses gathered to rally against the separation of families at the border, per President Trump’s zero tolerance policy for illegal border crossings.

National Nurses United, a union representing registered nurses across the US, participated in the March, including board members from across the country.

Their concern, nurses said, is the health of the children after being separated. They said it takes more than food, water, and basic medical care to make sure a child develops normally.

“When the child is crying, I read in the newspaper, that they told other children they couldn’t even comfort the kid. When a child is crying they need someone to hold them to let them know that they are loved, that they are wanted. They need that to bond,l said Martese Chism, a board member of National Nurses United.



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