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11-year-old aims to raise awareness for childhood cancer

Amber Berry is a fighter.

The 11-year-old has been undergoing treatment for leukemia since Nov. 2016. Her message is simple — never ever give up.

“Stay positive and keep on going through the journey, and think of happy things,” Amber said.

Amber is like most 11 year olds. She loves to draw and play with her friends. Her diagnosis changed her life completely, but she still finds joy in the simple things.

” I’ve been building up my strength a lot and it’s been making me stronger. the nurses made me stronger, my family made me stronger,” Amber said “I’m all the way to the top now.”

Amber has been receiving treatment at Providence Children’s Hospital.

“There were times I would just go out in the hall and nurses would instantly know I just needed to cry,” Renee Berry, Amber’s mother said. “You don’t see them as someone who’s just taking care of your precious child, but they helped to take care of me.”

Amber’s chemotherapy treatments are scheduled to end in April 2019.

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“Now it’s just weekly clinic visits, coming to the clinic, always getting check ups and hair growing back in,” Renee said.

Amber is challenging people to take part in the “Never Ever Give Up Challenge.” The challenge asks people to write “I N.E.G.U.” on their hands and take a picture. That picture is then posted on social media, and five friends are tagged to take part in the challenge. To learn more, and to donate to raise money for childhood cancer awareness, click here.

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