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Valentine’s Day Revenge: Zoo feeds cockroaches named after ex’s to zoo animals

The El Paso Zoo asked people to name a cockroach after their ex, and they would feed it to a zoo animal on Valentine’s Day.

Sarah Borrego, the El Paso Zoo’s Event Coordinator, told ABC 7 that it’s a perfect way to get revenge on Valentine’s day and have closure to a past relationship.

Borrego said that The Madagascar Flying Cockroaches will be fed to six different types of Zoo animals, with the main feature being the Meerkat.

According to Borrego, the cockroaches are bred for feeding and they are not living when they are being fed to the Zoo animals.

Borrego said that the Zoo received over 6,000 entries of names. Most of the names came from women who included both their ex’s name and the person their ex cheated on them with.



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