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Car accident on I-10 leads to chase as Santa watched

EL PASO, Texas -- A relatively minor car crash on Interstate 10 led to a foot chase in which a gun-wielding man stopped the driver who allegedly caused the wreck -- all along a freeway packed with holiday travelers and a motorcyclist dressed as Santa.

The incident happened on I-10 East near the Mesa exit at around 12:20 p.m. Police confirmed a grey vehicle hit several cars before hitting a semi-truck and was stopped. Police say that witnesses attempted to detain the driver of the grey vehicle.

KVIA caught the accident on the TxDOT cameras in the area. The man seen in the video pointing a gun was later identified as an off-duty federal law enforcement agent. Witnesses later helped the agent subdue the driver with a tackle and piling on top.

KVIA photojournalist Daniel Fuentes was at the scene when the truck driver was taken into an ambulance.

Fire officials told ABC-7 the person transported to a local hospital had minor injuries.

Traffic has been reduced to one lane, but is expected to reopen shortly. Police are still investigating the incident.

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