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El Paso

Two El Paso Zoo animals will make their pick for the winner of the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl

Saturday the El Paso Zoo will let its animals "Heliana" the Sun Bear and "Seri" the Malayan Tiger predict the winner of the 2019 Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl.

The Florida State University Seminoles will face off against the Arizona State University Sun Devils on Tuesday, December 31.

Each zoo animal will pick a winner by selecting one of the two helmet shaped piñatas, one for the Seminoles and one for the Sun Devils, put in their exhibit by zoo staff.

The Sun Bear "Heliana" will make her pick first at 2 p.m. followed by "Seri" the Malayan tiger at 3 p.m.

The zoo said the predictions are part of the animal enrichment program that is not only entertaining for visitors but allows animals to perform natural behaviors, permits them to be more active and increases the animals' control over their environment.

For more information on the El Paso Zoo, click here.

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