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‘It was an unbelievably historic day for our country:’ Otero County commissioner says about D.C. unrest

Cowboys for Trump
Couy Griffin (right) is an Otero County Commissioner who founded the group Cowboys for Trump.

EL PASO, Texas-- As the dust settles at the U.S. Capitol many who were in attendance are now sharing their experiences. An Otero County commissioner who is with the group "Cowboys For Trump" looked back on the day of chaos.

"It was surrounded by chants of: 'This is our house. This is our land. This is our land and you know it is the taxpayers' property. It is our house.' I just sat there and watched everything happen and it was an unbelievably historic day for our county," Couy Griffin said.

Griffin was one of the thousands who stood on the Capitol grounds as the crowd grew uncontrollable. He says he did not participate in the violence, but said the chaos resulted from a group of people feeling ignored.

"What I saw outside where I sat I saw a lot of Americans saying they've had enough and they are not going to take it anymore, just in the same manner that Black Lives Matter have been doing in the streets of our cities for the last eight months. We just gave a real small dose of it," Griffin said.

ABC-7 spoke to the Republican Alliance of El Paso. They say those seen destroying property do not represent the GOP.

“If you cannot control yourself, you are not a Republican. You do not belong in a Republican Party if you are going to do anything crazy like that. Those are not the Republicans. You should not purport to support any Republican ideals because foremost in our precepts is peacefulness,” said Bob Peña, the director of the Republican Alliance of El Paso.

JC Navarrete

El Paso native JC Navarrete co-anchors ABC-7’s weekend newscasts and reports during the week.



    1. So now, you are making threats of elected officials? 18 U.S. Code § 373 – Solicitation to commit a crime of violence: Whoever, with intent that another person engage in conduct constituting a felony that has as an element the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against property or against the person of another in violation of the laws of the United States, and under circumstances strongly corroborative of that intent, solicits, commands, induces, or otherwise endeavors to persuade such other person to engage in such conduct, shall be imprisoned not more than one-half the maximum term of imprisonment or (notwithstanding section 3571) fined not more than one-half of the maximum fine prescribed for the punishment of the crime solicited, or both; or if the crime solicited is punishable by life imprisonment or death, shall be imprisoned for not more than twenty years.

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