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Walmart mass shooting survivor deported to Juarez after traffic stop by El Paso police

EL PASO, Texas -- A legal aid clinic operated by the El Paso Catholic Diocese said a woman who survived the Aug. 3, 2019 Cielo Vista Walmart mass shooting was deported to Juarez by federal authorities on Friday after being pulled over in a car for traffic violations.

The shooting victim, identified by Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services solely by the first name Rosa, was arrested by El Paso police on Wednesday and once at the downtown jail was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement who deported her to Mexico 48 hours later.

"Rosa has no criminal history other than two misdemeanor traffic citations that are over five years old," said Sandra Ramirez, a diocese spokeswoman.

Ramirez indicated that Rosa, who is on the district attorney's list as a witness when the case against the accused shooter goes to trial, has an application in process for a U visa - which is available to immigrant crime victims.

Attorney Anna Hey, who serves as the deputy director of the legal clinic, issued the below statement to the media late Friday afternoon expressing her dismay at what happened.

“Rosa is a survivor of one of the most horrific events to ever take place in El Paso. She came forward and presented herself to both El Paso police and FBI officials to give a statement of what she saw on that fateful day. The information she has was sufficient for the District Attorney’s office to issue a certification that she has been helpful in the investigation. Despite having told this to the ICE officials who made the decision to deport her based on a years old deportation order, ICE officials in El Paso chose to remove her from the US, leaving her unsupported in Juarez. This decision amounts to a re-victimization of this young lady, who only came forward to help build the case against the shooter in the racist attack."

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. So the Rosa was here illegally when she got shot? Well I feel for her. But. Bye bye. Get in line with the Hondurans that senile puppet biden invited over here illegally. Good luck!

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  4. This article makes it sound she was deported because she came forward as a witness. It also makes it sound like she is a key witness. Neither of these are true.

    1. That may be true. However there was an agreement that no one present who could possibly be a witness was to be deported. No telling how long it will take to actually put the Trumpite on trial, but Homeland Security had already agreed that no one would be deported. A paperwork screw up no doubt.

  5. According to the interview with KVIA, Rosa has lived on the El Paso side of town since she was a little girl. She may not be a citizen statutorily, but it’s good enough for me. She is staying with relatives on the Juarez side of town now. Good luck Rosa.

    1. Well then it looks like she had ample time to become a citizen but didn’t find it necessary to obey the law all those years. Bye bye Rosa. Go help the Hondurans on their way to your relative’s house.

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  8. USCI Visa is available for undocumented immigrants who are a victim of crime. This Visa can be used as pathway to Permanent Residency and US Citizenship for the victim. Didn’t the law enforcement personnel advise her of this and filed Form I-918 Supplement B when she was informed that she was to be a part of the El Paso Shooter’s Trial? If they did their job correctly, she can be recalled to be a witness in the trial no matter where she is and the chief can be written up for not doing his job.

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