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Sunday Funday Moment: Mother daughter Army duo living once in a lifetime experience together

Sunday Funday Moment: Mother daughter Army duo living once in a lifetime experience together

El Paso, Texas-- For many military children, following in their military parent’s footsteps is something they dream of doing. But imagine having the opportunity to serve in the same brigade with your mom.

Today's Sunday Funday moment introduces us to a mother and daughter who are living that once in a lifetime experience together as an Army duo.

“We don't work directly with each other but we see each other here and there and I think that’s honestly what’s most important because we’re not constantly hovering over each other," said Spc. Ayana Anthony a combat medic in the Army.

Specialist Anthony moved a lot as a military child with her father serving as a U.S. Marine and her mother, Maj. Eloisa Cox serving 25 years of active duty, and It was the birth of her first child that made Maj. Cox want to join the army.

“My oldest son angel is the reason that I joined, to make sure that I could provide for him,” said Maj. Cox

Fast forward years later she is now proud to serve alongside her daughter, Spc. Anthony who is a proud combat medic.

“Specialist Anthony was stationed in Fort Bliss first armored division in September of 2019, and then I got stationed in Fort Bliss in 1st armoured division in June of 2020 so I joined her a little bit later,” explained Maj. Cox.

The mother daughter duo are stationed in Fort Bliss but are currently deployed in the Republic of Korea.

“I spoke to the brigade commander and asked him if I could join his brigade because they would be deploying to The Republic of Korea and fortunately he allowed me to join his team and so now we’re also in the same brigade," explained Maj. Cox.

Serving together has been a positive experience for this mother daughter duo and they have some advice for young women out there struggling with making their mark in the world.

"Not selling yourself short really standing your ground and showing people what you can provide and bring to the team,” said Spc. Anthony.

“As I tell my daughters, we are warriors and just conveying the message that we are equal and we have come a long way but we still have a long way to go,” said Maj. Cox.

Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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