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Cancer and alopecia patients get free eyebrows

EL PASO, Texas - Nere Murrieta is the owner and master technician of her own business, Eyebrows by Nere. While many of her clients seek out her work for beauty reasons, others need her help because they simply don't have hair at all. Cancer and alopecia patients, as long as they are medically cleared, can get microbladed eyebrows from the master artist, Nere.

For cancer patients, she told me that at a minimum they must be in remission for one year before they attempt to get microblade eyebrows.

"I would never put someone's health at risk."

Nathaniel Long suffers from alopecia. He didn't always have hair loss but, "a couple years ago it just stunted seemingly for good."

"I got to the point where I was just 'go bald with dignity' …so that's not the end of the world, but I did end up missing my eyebrows. You know its one thing to lose out on your hair but that really adds to the expressiveness to your face."

A recommendation from his girlfriend led him to Eyebrows by Nere.

"Its a bit of a process because eventually you come out and it looks like somebody drew it on super thick, like finger paint style, which is how its supposed to look at first. Like it really pops and then it fades until it becomes more natural," said Long.

"I could not be happier with the service. She was so friendly, she helped me out so much, it does well for your confidence and everything."

Nere is more than happy to provide her free service.

"The look that people get and the gratitude is to me- I almost get more out of it than they do, because they are so happy, and I'm like yay! I was able to do that for someone."

If you do not suffer from the aforementioned diseases, you can still get work done by the master artist. Services include lash lifts, microblading, and henna brows. You can find more information by clicking on this link:

Katie Frazier

Katie Frazier is an ABC-7 meteorologist and reporter.


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