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TXDot project aims to warn drivers about wrong-way driving along border highway

EL PASO, Texas – The Texas Department of Transportation has been working on a project to warn drivers about wrong-way driving on the Cesar Chavez border highway.

The most recent deadly crash happened Wednesday night when a driver going the wrong way on Loop 375 turned deadly after crashing head-on into a FedEx semi-truck.

Police said the accident happened before 8 p.m. on Loop 375 East near Yarbrough.

The driver was traveling westbound on the eastbound lanes of Loop 375.

According to police, the crash resulted in the complete closure of Loop 375 eastbound from Midway to Yarbrough. 

A witness, Jesus lira, said he was driving to his friend's house when he saw the car driving the wrong way.

Lira said that he had never seen anything like it. 

He said he thought it was an emergency vehicle but as he got closer he realized that was not the case.

Since September, The TXDot has been working on a project to prevent these issues.

They are implementing new technology that is designed to detect wrong-way, and notify the TxDot center.

The idea is to let other drivers know, by activating signs, that there is a wrong-way driver heading their way.

This gives them a chance to pull over. 

The technology will be implemented at the UTEP exit of the Border West Expressway and run to San Marcial Street near Bowie High School.

TXDot Spokesperson, Jennifer Wright, said that they will look to expand some kind of wrong-way drivers system where they see it is needed.

“We are looking to include wrong-way drivers systems, rather the simplest or the more robust, in as many places as we can where they are warranted,” said Wright.

But Wright said that no matter the signs, it is the driver's responsibility to be alert.

“A sign that says 'wrong-way', is not going to prevent somebody from entering and driving the wrong way unless they are actually paying attention to what they’re doing,” said Wright.

The new project will cost $1.3 million and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2022.

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  1. In Idaho they put double flashing red lights with red “WRONG WAY” signs on both sides of the off ramps that were problems. Wrong way accidents at those intersections thankfully dropped to zero.

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