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Canutillo man charged with murdering his sister; says he was hurt after she had sex with another man

CANUTILLO, Texas -- El Paso Sheriff's investigators say a man admitted to killing his sister after learning she had had sex with another man.

According to court documents obtained by ABC-7, Jose Manuel Guzman told investigators he was having a sexual relationship with his sister that he knew was wrong.

Investigators say Guzman and the victim had an argument on Feb. 01 that escalated into a physical assault. Investigators say Guzman punched his sister on her mouth, causing her to lose a tooth.

On Feb. 2, investigators say there was another confrontation. Guzman tells investigators the victim admitted to having sex with another man while he slept. Guzman says that caused him to lose control and hit the victim with a baseball bat and an electric hand-held massager.

According to the documents, Guzman tried performing CPR on the victim after noticing she had stopped breathing.

Investigators say Guzman turned himself in on Feb. 03.

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ABC-7’s digital content director



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