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El Paso city leaders select final proposal for city representative redistricting

EL PASO, Texas -- Today, city council members approved the final proposal for the new city representative redistricting map to determine which area of the city each city council member represents for the next ten years.

Council members revised the final draft today during a work session in council chambers.

District 3 Representative Cassandra Hernandez did not approve of the way members had made recommendations to the map.

“I know some of you all have good intentions, but I think that the consequence has been severely devastating to my district and other parts of the city," Rep. Hernandez said over video conference.

Rep. Hernandez proposed the council review two other maps submitted by the districting commission. The council struck down the motion and voted to go with draft 7B as the final proposal.

You can look at the new proposed map here.

Dylan McKim


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