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Sunday ABC-7 Xtra: Migrant surge expected after lifting of Title 42

EL PASO, Texas - Most El Pasoans may recall the migrant surge in 2019, when hundreds of migrants would walk right up to the border barrier and surrender to border patrol agents.

Many of those migrants were requesting asylum.

Agents were overwhelmed driving from one end of the barrier to another,  picking up those migrants and taking them to processing centers.

El Paso gained notoriety when officials set up temporary shelters to house migrants in various parts of El Paso, including under the Santa Fe Bridge.

But once Trump administration policies went into effect, like Remain in Mexico and Title 42, the surge seemed to diminish.

Title 42 is scheduled to expire on May 23rd.

That health order gives border patrol agents the power to expel migrants immediately without the migrant being processed out of fear the migrant could spread covid 19. 

Government and social agencies say that eliminating Title 42 would open the floodgates to yet another surge and are sounding the alarm. 

Sunday on ABC-7 Xtra, guests Ruben Garcia with Annunciation House Shelter and former Border Patrol chief Victor Manjarrez, talked about preparations for the anticipated surge, Title 42 and what political leaders should be doing to overhaul immigration laws.

Saul Saenz

El Paso native Saul Saenz is a veteran reporter who also hosts ABC-7 Extra.



      1. Past 12 months: 13,000 criminals, 300 fugitives and 23 known terrorists have been picked up invading our country. Not one was seeking asylum. They are looking g to do harm to our country and senile Joe invited them. He won’t protect us so Abbott has too.

        1. Your data is incorrect. Biden is enforcing all immigration laws now on the books. The reason many are trying to cross without seeking asylum is due to ti..e 42. Abbott is doing nothing but throwing our tax dollars away. He has no jurisdiction over immigration or international borders.

          1. We’re being invaded by criminals who want to do harm to the USA. They are seeking Asylum. Those nu.bers came from. The BP website

          1. Nitwit Char Lie Dumbo supports human trafficking. Blaming T.i.t.l.e. 42 instead of the human traffickers and the illegals paying them. That has been going on way before T.i.t.l.e. existed See you are an idiot.

        1. Asylum seekers get no benefits. They were getting help for transportation from NGOs, but Abbott, with his only decent act is now helping
          Migrants get to their destinations.

      2. maybe you should read the code, first off the only legal way to enter the country is through a port of entry is through a port of entry. second, one must apply in the first stable country the enter and crossing mexico to get to the U.S. violates that.
        try to remember that we owe them nothing

      3. Maybe your a z z should read the code – The only legal way to enter the country is through a port of entry is through a port of entry. second, one must apply in the first stable country the enter and crossing Mexico to get to the U.S. violates that.

        1. Trump was what the Con.sti.t ut.ion referred to as a an enemy “domestic”. He fixed nothing. He was a moron who couldn’t even speak a complete sentence. He was also a traitor and seditionist. Not to mention a twice impeached criminal. He was also a racist and rapist. He was a con man and business failure.

          1. Yawn. Leftist propaganda and fast out lies. These is absoluey no evidence of anything you’ve mentioned. You however are a confirmed convicted rapist

          2. Speaking of which that grand jury convened by the Manhattan DA has been terminated with no criminal charges against Trump. No evidence. See it was nothing but a witch hunt.

          3. No nitwit Char Lie Dumbo the bogus case brought against Trump by the New York AG is not a criminal case but a civil case. You lose.

          1. Especially when he claims is is a white person. I bet he misses being that white trailer park trash Mark Turner.

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