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Las Cruces marijuana dispensaries can operate at any hour of day

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - Las Cruces is now the only large city in New Mexico where marijuana users can buy joints, edibles and flower at all hours of the day.

"I don't want this industry to just survive: I want it to thrive," said Councilwoman Johana Bencomo, who represents district four. "In order for us to do that, we have to separate it from the way we talk about... alcohol."

On Monday, the Las Cruces City Council decided not to set operating hours for businesses that want to sell marijuana. The deputy city attorney had originally recommended that dispensaries be allowed to operate from 7 a.m. until 2 a.m., just like businesses that sell alcohol.

Bencomo criticized the "continued and problematic association between alcohol and cannabis."

Advocates praised the decision, but the mayor said he did want to set operating hours.

"Cannabis has saved lives and alcohol has taken lives," said Chad Lozano, a local grower and host of 'NM CannaCast.'

Kate Bieri

Kate Bieri is ABC-7’s New Mexico Mobile Newsroom reporter and co-anchors ABC-7’s weekend evening newscasts.



  1. Where are the leftist misinformation police on this one? Chas Lozanobis a liar. There is absolutely no evidence that cannabis has ever saved even one life. It does not exist. Cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol, albeit slightly.

  2. Pot should not even be compared with alcohol. Alcohol destroys marriages and family, facilitates domestic abuse, violence in bars, fights, vehicle deaths and injuries, is the #2 gateway drug behind tobacco and poisons your vital organs every time it’s consumed.
    Weed highs lead to junk food.

    1. You’re wrong. Research what’s happened in Colorado. Higher rates of DUI’s as marijuana use became more widely used. In fact, Marijuana related traffic deaths increased by 62% after the legalization of marijuana and continues to rise. Homelessness rose by 30% after the legalization of Marijuana. Marijuana IS A GATEWAY drug and it is highly addictive. Marijuana use disorder IS an addiction. It’s just a PC leftist word for addiction. Substance treatments for misuse in Colorado: #1. Alcohol, #2 Marijuana, #3 Meth. Toxicology among teenage suicides: Alcohol 7.7%, Marijuana 13. Recent research has established that marijuana users have a lower IQ. It is not clear, yet, if that lower IQ is a result of marijuana or if lower IQ individuals use marijuana more. Likely a combination of both. The other data is clear, however. It’s out there. Look it up. Marijuana is NOT A safer option. And there is no clear evidence that it’s medical use has any greater impact than any other already approved drugs.

  3. I dont smoke marijuana and i dont care of other people smoke it. At doesn’t bother me either way.

    But its funny how you can buy marijuana in New Mexico but you CAN’T drink alcohol on a casino floor while you are gambling.

    1. Especially since the profit margins on alcohol are 300-700% it is odd that the casinos dont allow it. With the amount of security in casinos they should be handle issues that would arise.

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