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El Paso welder finds his place in life teaching his trade

Sun City Welding Academy
Sun City Welding Academy

EL PASO, Texas- COVID-19 took a toll on many things during the pandemic.

The welding industry was no different.

A welder and pipefitter for Chevron, Scott Herndon was enjoying life before the pandemic began.

Once it hit though, his life changed drastically since the major oil company told him he needed to stay home.

"Being in that position I lost all my contacts. Gotta build that list back up and I just started doing some research on what it took to open up a welding academy," Herndon explained to ABC-7.

He decided since he was unable to work, why not teach?

Now the El Paso welder instructs young craftsmen the trade that has been so good to him.

"Right now we have 40 active students and we have nine graduates.  In the next year it will double if not triple," Herndon said.

His students enjoy what they are doing.

Pupil Julian Ramos said regarding the classes, "It's been real quick.  He's a great teacher I'm always learning everything every day which is really cool and beneficial."

Wil Herren

Wil Herren is an ABC-7 reporter who covers both news and sports.


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