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Near-miss caught on camera as migrants cross on train tracks near Mt. Cristo Rey

EL PASO, Texas -- A video posted online shows a group of migrants walking along elevated train tracks at the border near Mount Cristo Rey.

Moments later, train horns can be heard, and the migrants start running for their lives.

The group appears to be made up of about five migrants. A border patrol agent who was following the migrants can also be seen running from the train.

Border patrol officials say in their preliminary investigation that no one was injured.

"So what was seen on social media today is a very concerning video obviously," "that is one of the busiest areas with migrants evading detection and arrests attempting to flee from our agents," said Carlos Rivera.

Though no injuries were reported from that incident, Rivera says this could end up tragically.

"Illegally entering the border has several dangers that these migrants are facing, or these migrants are placed in obviously the terrain the border barrier the water canals but now as seen obviously on the video trains that go through the El Paso area," said Rivera.

Border patrol works with other agencies to provide rescues and medical attention, the Sunland Park fire department is one of them.

"The most common injuries are gonna be leg lower extremity fractures open fractures, so the open fracture is where the bone actually pops out of the skin. Anything from the knee below uh we'll see both legs fractured at the same time quite often," said Daniel Medrano, Sunland Park Fire Chief.

Medrano says the most common are fall injuries. "The height of that wall is very dangerous it's about a 20 to 30-foot drop from the top," said Medrano.

Medrano says migrant rescues are more common during the summer months, which is concerning because of the heat.

"Last year, we did have quite a few dehydration calls. One does come to mind where a young man succumbed to his heat exhaustion-or heatstroke because they we're hiding in the desert," said Medrano

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