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El Paso Sheriff’s Office provides active-shooter training to students

EL PASO, Texas — Deputies from the El Paso Sheriff’s Office held active-shooter training for students interested in a law enforcement career. 

The Explorer Post is a group of high schoolers who have an interest in a law enforcement career and get to train with actual deputies who provide real-life training. 

On Wednesday, students got the chance to see how deputies train for an active-shooter situation.  

Students were put through a simulator and taught how to enter a building with an active shooter. 

Also, deputies went over how to react to a shooter if these students were in their high school. 

The method they teach is ADD, which stands for avoid, deny, and defend. Students were taught to barricade their classroom, run away if possible, and to defend themselves with any measure possible.

“But if something like that ever does happen, we want you guys to protect yourself. Run,” Deputy Adrian Gonzales said to the class. 

Dylan McKim



    1. And can you imagine the discipline and honor of learning not only how to protect yourself and others from pe*rps but the learning involved about the law and the US Consti*tution?

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