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Juarez mayor says guns from the U.S. are stoking violence in Mexico

Canal 44
Police in Juarez at the crime scene where several girls were shot in Sept. of this year.
Canal 44
Mexican authorities at the scene where a boy was shot during a funeral in a Juarez neighborhood last month..
Juarez burned bus
Canal 44
A burned bus was one of numerous vehicles burned during recent drug cartel chaos in Juarez.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- Juarez Mayor Héctor Armando Cabada Alvídrez said Wednesday that the majority of the recent violence in Juarez is being caused by people using firearms illegally brought into Juarez.

And he noted that those firearms are coming from the United States.

"The majority of the firearms that are used in Mexico, not just in Juarez, to assassinate people have their origin in North America," said the Juarez mayor.

Mayor Cabada made those comments at the end of the second bi-national City Council meeting between El Paso and Juarez.

Juarez is going through a rash of violence, the latest,  buses carrying maquiladoras workers were torched, some of them riddle with bullets, the driver wounded.

According to the El Paso Time,s as many as 50 people were killed this month alone, 1,300 killed in Juarez so far this year.

Mayor Cabada said those bullets and the firearms used in the killings are coming from the U.S.

Juarez city leaders called for a stem to that flow of firearms into the Juarez.

"It has been contemplated that around 70-percent of the firearms used by criminal groups have their origin in the United States. That's why we're saying there should be some type of control to avoid this." said the mayor.

Mayor Cabada said talks to try to reduce the flow of illegal firearms is now reaching high level talks between Mexico president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and U.S. federal officials.

"I think there's things that we need to improve to make both of our communities safer," said El Paso City Rep. Perter Svarzbein.

Mayor Cabada also responded to Mexican president  Lopez Obrador turning down President Trump's offer to help Mexico rage war against the drug cartels.

"He, the president, is talking about Mexico's sovereignty, when it comes to these topics. We should understand and respect the Mexican president, it is our obligation," said Cabada.

Right now, there are signs posted both on the U.S. and Mexico sides of the border letting people know it is illegal to transport firearms into Mexico.

But what Juarez leaders are talking about is the illegal flow of firearms into Juarez, firearms that according to Mayor Cabada, are being used to kill people in Juarez.

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Saul Saenz

El Paso native Saul Saenz is a veteran reporter who also hosts ABC-7 Extra.



  1. The J-town mayor is correct. The guns are walking across the river and handing themselves to the culprits. Shame on all guns. They should be banned in Juarez. Oops! They are.

  2. Lock your borders and actually care what and who comes in your country? 100% of the guns in El Paso come from the USA. El Paso does not have a murder rate like Juarez. Guns are not the problem people and corrupt governments are.

    1. It’s in their blood, part of their DNA. Trying to change them is like taking spots off a Dalmatian, it’ll never happen.

      The Mexican Marines could come in and clean house, but it won’t happen until things get worse.

  3. Hey Mr. Mayor, your people are sitting ducks because law abiding citizens are not able to legally own guns and fight back. If a firefight like yours happened on city streets in El Paso, las cruces or many other cities, the bad guys would be wiped out by well armed law enforcement and armed citizens. Your city’s battle was a lengthy one and wasn’t a quick in and out like most mass shootings.

    If you’d do your part on apprehending and stopping the flow of drugs, your gangsters won’t be buying guns from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

    Your blame is a cheap shot. First you blame the US for a hunger for drugs, then blame them for gun violence..
    Your country and it’s politicians run on corruption, much like the democrat party in the US.

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