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U.S.-Mexico border to remain closed to ‘non-essential’ travel through June 22

EL PASO, Texas -- The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced Tuesday that it will keep the U.S.-Mexico border shut down to "non-essential" traffic through June 22.

The closure has been in effect since March 20 due to the coronavirus pandemic and has wreaked havoc on the Borderland economy, particularly impacting downtown El Paso merchants.

Prior to the restrictions being put in place, about 30,000 cars had entered El Paso daily from Ciudad Juarez.

U.S. officials had indicated earlier this month that an extension of the Mexican border restrictions was likely as they attributed it to cutting illegal crossings in half.

Essential travel remains allowed for those crossing the border for medical purposes, attending school or engaged in trade and commerce, according to the Homeland Security regulations. What stays curtailed is tourism and recreational trips. (See the regulations document at the bottom of this article.)

Earlier in the day, Homeland Security had announced a similar extension to travel restrictions along the U.S. northern border with Canada.

A Homeland Security spokesperson told CNN, “The United States has great appreciation for the efforts of our partners in Canada and Mexico to ensure that North America is working together to combat the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus."

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. “Non-essential?” What a crock. When garment alteration factories are deemed “essential” and thousands are streaming back and forth daily, the border is a porous as a sieve!

    1. The border was closed on March 20. Sit down somewhere. Ignorant redneck white trash not wearing masks are our problem. Not legitimate border crossings.

      1. In El Paso? Rednecks? 9 out of 10 people are Hispanic so your white theory fails. Go check out UMC and tell me how many whites you see in the COVID-19 wards. BTW – The border was not closed to essential commerce business and operations. You never heard of a maquila? Therefore you are wrong.

        1. 1946 is a plant. I smell a soro’s hired idiot. Nothing intelligent gets through his stupid head. He/she will come up with the most idiotic comments and blame Mr Trump. Suspicious as hell. Then we have alberto, cara, ux2. Seems all these useful idiots are nothing but the same one commenting here. I can’t call them human. But slime sure fits the description.

      2. I was at my favorite Walmart early this morning for seniors day. The two what appeared to be redneck white trash were actually wearing a face mask. Your claim is false and an epic fail as usual. Get out of your bubble and see for yourself instead of hiding in your trailer. BTW – Nice to get disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer for a change.

    2. You are correct K1. Useful idiots like alberto and 1946 would want the hordes of infected illegals come across without any inspection or prohibitions. They try to say we are racists but they are the ones that want violence and degradation of the Constitution to reach their goal. Typical unwashed idiots. Like pinchie viejas que no tienen nada que acer. Nomas echando al los que trabajan y los mantienen con nuestros impuestos.

  2. To those that doubt China involvement with the virus, just think. Millions are locked down in their homes because OUR tyrants are ordering it. And China did’t even launch one missile. Only the disease.
    Now how the hell does that happen if our tyrannical local leaders were not cooperating with China?

    1. The Democraps/Libtards would rather blame President Trump for the COVID-19 than the Chi-Coms. The real truth will come out once the dust settles. Regardless President Trump will get reelected this November.

    1. You will find more students from Mexico at Cathedral High, Lydia Patterson Institute and UTEP than from our own local students. Money talks and they walk. Across the border that is.

    1. El Paso is strong only when ALL American citizens are counted. Not illegal foreigners just because they bring money to the coffers of the private schools. Only dems want the illegal money to build up their quest to destroy this nation.

      1. So says The Imperial Wizard of the El Paso Chapter of the KKK, aka el Viejo Loco NosabeNada. Put your head cloak and white sheet away for the night and rest your tiny racist head.

    2. Any news article involving the border gets the racists loonies all worked up. (Ferocious2A, k1dpr, nadodave). I am sure maga big mouth will chirp in eventually. We dont take too kindly to your kind ’round these parts. #adioshaters

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