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U.S.-Mexico border closure to be extended another month to the dismay of some El Paso businesses

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AP via CNN
A woman crosses the border as a pedestrian from California into Mexico.

EL PASO, Texas -- The U.S. border with Mexico is expected to remain closed until at least August 21, the Mexican embassy tweeted this week, extending the ban on non-essential travel between the two countries for another month.

As word of the likely extension spread, downtown El Paso shop owners expressed concern Wednesday about the economic damage already inflicted by the closure.

"If we don't get the people from Mexico coming to the United States, to El Paso, it's going to continue to be slow," said El Paso Street shop owner Jesus Macias. "Especially El Paso street because we do depend on the Mexican trade. We have about 50 percent less customers because of this pandemic."

By mutual agreement, the border has been closed to all non-essential traffic since March.

The closure extension has yet to be officially announced. A State Department spokesperson from the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs told CNN that "we have nothing to announce at this time," adding that, "Mexico remains a strong partner as we work together to combat Covid-19."

Privately, Mexican officials told Politico its government is in no hurry to reopen the border because of fears that the U.S. could send more coronavirus cases to Mexico given the spikes in cases in border states like Arizona and Texas.

According to a CNN analysis, the U.S. currently has the highest per capita death rate from Covid in the Americas, at over 41 coronavirus deaths per 100,000 population.

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  1. It’s not the non-essential travel to worry about. It’s the essential. El Paso hospital stats are double compared to last month. The Rio Grande Valley border area is out of hospital space. The problem is Mexicans coming for treatment or getting hospitalized on this side of the border not the other way around.

      1. At one time the City reported by nationality, but no longer. There are several categories the City no longer reports, much to the chagrin of doctors and law enforcement.

        1. That info would not be of interest to law enforcement but it would be to health officials trying to figure out our exposure due to border crossings etc.

      2. Where have you been? Mexican Nationals have been robbing our health care system for years. This comes as a surprise? You are the most uniformed poster on this site.

        1. Mexican Nationals cannot get a UMC discount card, but if they have insurance that hospitals and doctors take, then they are paying patients. Not “robbing” anyone at all. Just helping the hospital bottom line. The problem appears if they are contributing to new covid infections.

        2. Original maga and how many years have you been Screwing Mexicans by not paying them a decent hourly wage, exploiting them, and evading taxes by paying them cash? In essence screwing the American taxpayer by not paying a fare share. Farmers, restaurants, etc. stfu with your mexican finger pointing. Plus how about all the dang military injury fakers screwing the system like you and your buddies. Please.

      1. Mexico wants the border shut down tighter too. Too many Americans coming from hot spot Arizona and Texas bringing the virus south. Data is showing that is a bigger problem than Mexicans coming north.

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      1. Fake news Steve. You LIE!!! But they are in our hospitals getting treatment for COVID19. Just not being adequately tracked. Even KVIA had an article on it nitwit.

  2. Who lures immigrants? The greedy farmers, hotels, restaurants, and lazy original magas who don’t want to take of their parents and children. Pay the immigrants cash and evade payroll taxes.

  3. Easy to bash Mexican immigrants in times of troubles. 2 million of them deported back to Mexico during Great Depression, 60% of which were born in USA. Try doing that now and American workers will have to harvest most produce. Will have to pay Americans 15 dollars an hour for them to take the job. Then tomatoes, lettuce, chile prices will go through the roof. You’ll have to buy your produce on lay-away. You’re telling me these people don’t deserve health care when they work harder than the average American?

    1. You are an idiot. How many illegals have you taken in and cared for hypocrite? You do know there are legal Mexican farm workers with work permits that cross the border everyday and then head back. Wash, rinse, repeat. California is a good example. The San Fernando, San Joaquin and Imperial Valley farm areas. Park yourself at the Carl’s Jr at the Otay Mesa, CA border crossing and you will see the truth. Get out of your libtard bubble. BTW – Talking to yourself again? Too funny.

  4. Irish, Germans, Italians were all subject to these same prejudices and discrimination in the near past. How soon we forget that these people packed like sardines in New York tenements were considered worse than vermin by those Anglo Saxon immigrants who were already here. Today we are attacking the Mexicans, Chinese, and as always, the Blacks. Stop the hate cycle by electing politicians that promote this hate.

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