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Mexican president asks Pope Francis for conquest apology

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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (left) and The Conquest of Tenochtitlan .

“The Catholic Church, the Spanish monarchy and the Mexican government should make a public apology for the offensive atrocities that Indigenous people suffered," the letter states.

López Obrador asked the pope to make a statement in favor of Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico's 19th-century independence leader who was once believed to have been excommunicated by the church for his involvement in the uprising. However, researchers later said it appeared that Hidalgo had confessed his sins before he was executed and thus was not excommunicated.

López Obrador said: “I think it would be an act of humility and at the same time greatness” for the church to reconcile posthumously with Hidalgo.

The letter comes as Mexico struggles with how to mark the 500th anniversary of the 1519-1521 conquest, which resulted in the death of a large part of the country’s pre-Hispanic population.

In 2019, López Obrador asked Spain for an apology for the conquest, in which millions of Indigenous people died from violence and disease.

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said at the time that Spain “will not issue these apologies that have been requested."

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  1. That is funny for obrador to request an apology since the only reason he even exists as a Mexican is because there was a Spanish conquest. Next thing will be for obrador is to ask for reparations to Mexico in behalf of the indians. Problem is the indians of Mexico are in worst condition now even by third world standings. Take note that is what marxists want. Not justice, money. Even if there were reparations the indians would never see a red peso.

  2. Next thing you know the feckless socialist will ask the U.S. for an apology and reparations when they got their butts kicked in the Mexican American War. Remember the Alamo.

    1. The Mexicans, Brazilians, Venezuelan, Columbia, Ecuador, etc. etc would not exist if the Conquistadors were not victorious. Good or bad they exist now because of them. Before them the indigenous were ununited, at war continuously, slavery, cannibalism, genocide, women had no rights and were ruthless as hell with each other. So when I hear that Pilgrims and settlers of America were slave owners, I laugh at what the indigenous people before them actually were.

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