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Annunciation House says 25 asylum seekers to enter El Paso daily starting Friday

EL PASO, Texas -- Ruben Garcia, the director of Annunciation House, said his organization expects to receive 25 asylum-seekers daily enrolled in the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) program once they are allowed to enter the U.S. through El Paso beginning Friday.

The MPP, also known as the “Remain in Mexico” program was implemented under the Trump administration and is now being brought to an end by President Biden. As part of the process of ending MPP, refugees waiting in Mexico whose asylum cases are still active and current will be allowed into the U.S. while they await immigration proceedings. 

El Paso is one of three border cities designated as entry points for MPP refugees and the first of those refugees entering through El Paso will occur on Friday. 

Given the national attention being given to the unwinding of the MPP program, the Annunciation House leader noted that asylum-seekers would be tested for Covid-19 and given a health screening before being allowed into the U.S.; anyone found to be infected would have to quarantine in Mexico.

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      1. That emoji is a great depiction of your state of mind. At least these migrants aren’t psychotic terrorists and thugs. No, that would be the Trump loyalists and y’all share the same parasitic brain.

      2. How is it that they are parasites and you are not? They work and pay taxes just as you do and are unable to take any benefits until they receive a green card, and even the they take very little. Oh yeah, I forgot, you don’t work.

          1. They all have addresses they will be going to. Most already have work lined up or will shortly after they get to their authorized destinations. They will produce more in their first week here than you have in the last five years.

          1. You have produced nothing and no law enforcement agency would allow a person with your mentality in their ranks.

    1. Good! They come to work. Not like madmike and his buddies sucking the government tit and a full mouth of opinions. LOL. The white lazy government fed maggots.

  1. Hope all their asylum claims are granted. As we saw on January 6, our country could use some new decent residents who will be real patriots as most all immigrants are once they get settled. ¡Bienvenidos!

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