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Herd immunity in El Paso threatened by lack of Juarez vaccinations

EL PASO, Texas-- Much has been made about 'herd immunity' in the fight against Covid-19. With vaccinations continuing to increase in El Paso and more than 500,000 vaccine doses administered, the opportunity to create herd immunity in the community appears to be within reach.

“That herd immunity has to be achieved either by having immunity from natural infection or immunity from the vaccination. So, we still have some immunity from that natural infection but we want to continue immunizing as many people as possible and hopefully Mexico continues to receive the vaccine,” Dr. Hector Ocaranza, the El Paso City/County Health Authority said Monday.

Even though the U.S.-Mexico border remains closed for non-essential travel, there are still concerns that those traveling to and from Ciudad Juarez may be carriers of the virus.

“We have close links, we have relatives on both sides of the border. We don’t want to see the pain and the suffering that we saw especially with that large surge that we had,” Ocaranza said.

El Paso and Juarez became a hotbed for the Covid-19 virus in the fall. With many residents getting infected, there is a level of natural immunity. However, the risk of reinfection from new strains continues to be real, especially for those who can't protect themselves because the vaccine is not available.

A Juarez resident who has never been infected with Covid-19 told ABC-7 that he fears it will be a matter of time before he gets sick, if he's not able to get the vaccine soon.

"It's frustrating seeing how El Pasoans are getting vaccinated and we are still far from that," explained Ramiro Alcoverde. "When the outbreak first began everyone said this virus didn't have borders, its frustrating to see this side of the border falling behind."

The vaccine allocations in Juarez are now becoming more widespread with seniors now eligible for the vaccine. That campaign began last week, four months behind El Paso.

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JC Navarrete

El Paso native JC Navarrete co-anchors ABC-7’s weekend newscasts and reports during the week.



  1. It is a concern. In addition, we know, due to previous articles, that some of the “asylum seekers” were covid positive when they arrived here and were not quarantined. What is Mexico doing to vaccinate their citizens?

    Perhaps we need to treat the land borders the same as we treat people flying in.

  2. I have been saying that since Covid first started. We need to close the border between El Paso and Juarez because of their lesser medical capabilities and higher virus infections. As long as there is a back-and-forth flow of people between the two cities, we won’t have herd immunity, or any flattening of the curve in El Paso. Not being anti-Mexico, but facts are facts.

  3. The entire lock down is “OBE” Overcome By Events. .The two-faced government locked American citizens down, ruining our economy, while, at the same time, allowed illegal aliens, by the tens of thousands into the country, infected, and sending them all over the United States on buses. The American people have been played by the Biden’s, Fauci’s, Samaniego’s.

  4. The only advantage to the vax is that you ‘might’ not get the sniffles for a couple days. They offer no incentive. You still have to wear those foolish masks in most biz, busses, planes…etc. There is zero incentive to get the vax.

    1. That is because the vaccine is so experimental that they can’t make the military take it. Now, they are saying that two shots isn’t enough and you need “booster” shots. We are the guinea pigs here.

  5. The way I figure it, is that if the VC, NVA, Pathet-Lao, Khmer Rouge, two ex-wives, 29 yars in law enforcement couldn’t kill me, then neither COVID nor alberto/mark/charlie can either.

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