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Over 20 migrants found hidden in truck bed and trailer at Sierra Blanca checkpoint

truck bed IMG_1085
Migrants found hiding in a truck bed at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint.
UHaul trailer IMG_1092
Migrants found hiding in a trailer at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint.

SIERRA BLANCA, Texas -- U.S. Border Patrol agents this past week encountered a large human smuggling scheme off Interstate 10 at the immigration checkpoint near Sierra Blanca.

Twenty undocumented migrants were discovered in both the bed of a truck, covered by a hard plastic cover that was sealed shut.

Plus, there were even more in what appeared to be a U-Haul trailer that could only be opened from the outside, with no source of ventilation or space to move freely.

Two undocumented migrant children were also found in the trailer.

A Customs and Border Protection canine alerted agents to further inspect the vehicle, which ultimately led to the human smuggling discovery.

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