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WATCH: Harris on migration talks with Mexico’s president

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Vice President Kamala Harris closed out her first foreign trip Tuesday as she visited Mexico and met with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Harris is telling the poor and threatened populations of Latin America that the United States has “the capacity to give people a sense of hope” in the region so they can make better lives without fleeing to the U.S.

López Obrador's a key but complicated ally in the Biden administration’s efforts to curb the spike in migration at the U.S. border. López Obrador committed in a previous virtual meeting with Harris that the U.S. can “count on" Mexico to help address the issue of irregular migration.

But the Mexican president has in the past blamed President Joe Biden for the increase in migration at the border and was chummy with his predecessor, President Donald Trump, despite Trump’s hardline policies towards migrants.

Harris closed her trip unapologetic for her decision not to visit the U.S.-Mexico border as part of her mission to address migration to the U.S.

She said her meetings with leaders and others in Guatemala and Mexico were vital to understanding the core reasons people leave their homes for perilous journeys to America.

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  1. It seems that the reporter is surprised that Lopez Obrador and Trump agreed on illegal immigration. Well, here’s a hint- Mexico has never played nice with illegals on their southern border. Mainly because all the problems the illegal immigrants leave in their wake as they had north. Also, Lopez Obrador doesn’t want to lose his “best and brightest” to another country.

    Of course Lopez Orbrador doesn’t like Biden’s policy because look at what it is doing to Mexico.

    This isn’t rocket science, folks. Mass illegal migration is bad for the countries on both sides and in the middle. The added travesty of Biden’s policy is the harm it does to the children.

  2. Obrador is a communist. Communism needs workers to contribute to the elite communists. If their workers leave, it leaves a void. We need workers but not at the rate we are getting them. It overwhelms our system and the workers we need are not where they are needed most: the farms, and not the house tenements in the big cities. Over population leeds to less opportunities for the migrants which then turn to crime which looks more lucrative than the welfare payments they get. The demoKKKrats plans has always been to overwhelm this country with illegal migrants and make them eligible to vote for them.

    1. If you would try to learn the law regarding immigration, citizenship, welfare, and voter eligibility you might not sound so goddamn stupid.

  3. The hyena is down in Mexico embarrassing not only herself but her party also. If you think the President of Mexico gives one sh!t what that woman has to say you are sadly mistaken. He’d just assume she whip up some dinner and let the men work this out. It’s all about machismo baby

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