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Abbott’s border wall project receives $459K in donations so far

A section of the border fence in the Rio Grande Valley.
Callie Richmond/The Texas Tribune
A section of the border fence in the Rio Grande Valley.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Over the span of about a week, Texas received $459,000 in private donations for the state’s planned wall at the southern border, the governor’s office said.

This comes after Gov. Greg Abbott said he would reallocate $250 million in state funds as a “down payment” for the project — while crowdfunding some of the remaining costs.

The identities of the donors and how much they donated to the wall construction are not readily available and can only be obtained through public information requests, a spokesperson for Abbott said. Eventually, Abbott’s office said, the total donations figure will be available online on a website that currently solicits people to donate.

Abbott has not given an estimate of the project’s total costs or details of how long the wall will be or where it will be located but said he expected it to be “hundreds of miles” long. He directed the Texas Facilities Commission to hire a program manager who will lead efforts to determine those factors.

The commission said in a statement Thursday it began work on creating a request for proposal for the program manager position, saying it would remain “transparent and compliant with State competitive bidding standards.”

Abbott also said he expects Texans to volunteer their land for the project and said he would send a letter to President Joe Biden asking the federal government to return land the Trump administration took from private property owners in Texas to build a border wall.

The Trump administration had met fierce resistance from private property owners unwilling to allow the federal government to build on their land. Land Commissioner George P. Bush said last week he would grant emergency authorization for the building of the wall on state lands, which makes up approximately 591,595 surface acres along the border.

Promises and calls for a border wall between Mexico and the U.S. were a hallmark of former President Donald Trump and his supporters, both during his campaigns and his presidency. Trump’s administration built about 450 miles of barrier, mostly in Arizona, according to The Washington Post. Trump is set to tour the border with Abbott next week. Vice President Kamala Harris will head to the U.S.-Mexico border on Friday with a visit to El Paso.

Construction on the federal wall largely stopped after Biden in January ordered federal agencies to pause construction on the barrier where possible. U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told lawmakers that DHS is not requesting further border wall funding in its 2022 budget proposal to Congress.

Tensions over border security have risen between the Democrat president and the two-term Republican governor. Abbott has blamed Biden's immigration policies for the increase of immigrants on the state's southern border, saying in a disaster declaration that new federal policies have paved the way for “dangerous gangs and cartels, human traffickers, and deadly drugs like fentanyl to pour into our communities.” Abbott has announced a partnership with the state of Arizona calling for other states to send law enforcement officials to help border states arrest and jail immigrants crossing the border.

There were 180,034 border crossings last month, and nearly 40% of those turned back had previously crossed. This is compared to fewer than 25,000 border crossings in late 2020, according to data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. During the Trump administration, the highest recorded number of apprehensions was nearly 150,000.

Portions of the existing wall in Texas cost $26.5 million per mile to construct, federal lawmakers have said. The Biden administration has said building the wall cost taxpayers $46 million per mile in some areas along the border.

Texas’ border fundraiser has already surpassed a similar effort in 2011 by the Arizona Legislature. That effort received almost $270,000 by 2014, but the attempt was abandoned and the money reallocated after estimates for the final project stretched into the billions, according to The Arizona Republic newspaper.

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  1. The wall works. Ask all the demoKKKrats in congress in their plush mansions if they have no walls separating them from the vermin that surround them. Ask don lemon where he lives. It’s not section 8 like alberto. It’s among 93% white residents. He loves it there yet he opposes white people. Irony? You think?

    1. Fox News Tucker Carson much??? Fuck your Walls. 495k for the wall? That’s like 10 feet of wall plus Labor. You like walls? Wall this, bitch(middle finger extended).

      1. Alberto watches FNC? Too funny. What a nitwit! Obvious the dumbass can’t read. $495K is the public crowdfunding amount collected so far. Texas has at least $1 billion set aside for border security including walls/barriers. Alberto will be helping pay for it whether he likes it or not. LMAO.

  2. Wish all you want for a wall, Dipshits. But it ain’t happening. Most money that can be allocated to his “disaster declaration” is 250 million. That’s only a Wish List and not a done deal. Crowdfunding? Good luck with that. So, ladies, don’t get your panties in a bunch if this “wall” thing goes NOWHERE! You girls are riding the Abutt Fascist wheelchair and the wheels are going to fall off any minute and leave you flat on your precious asses!

    1. The walls/barriers are already here in El Paso nitwit. Trump fixed it by modifying and improving them. 130 miles in the El Paso sector. You know the same wall illegal are falling off of and dying. The wall works nitwit.

  3. Ask Trump what became of his wall and ask Mexico how much they paid for it. You ladies can click your Ruby Red slippers, close your eyes tight and wish for a “wall” all you want, but it ain’t happening!!! The border wall we have now has been there for more than a hundred years, and patched up by Republican and Democratic presidents alike. But has it worked. NO! Retrumpicans are just using the subject of a Wall as political red meat for White Supremacist Extremists. Money will be better spent on 21 Century technology installed along the border and elsewhere instead of a wall used as Racist dog whistle for all Trump and Abutt worshippers.

    1. Just think nitwit as a resident and taxpayer in Texas you will be helping pay for the new wall whether you like it or not. BTW – Why do you think Harris visited El Paso versus the Rio Grande Valley. Because most the Rio Grande Valley doesn’t have an effective border wall so it would have been a bad photo op for her. BTW – You do know there is 21st century high tech CCTV and sensors all along the border in the El Paso sector. Get off your fat ass and look. Man you sure are stupid.

  4. Trump will be smart enough to visit the Rio Grande Valley on June 30 with Governor Abbott and dozens of Republican Reps to include a few Democrat like Henry Cuellar to point our why the border wall is needed there and the situation is beyond a crisis. He will have good photo ops. Trump will be standing on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande while human trafficker coyotes will be yelling at him from the Mexico side and then you’ll see illegals crossing the river in the back drop. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    1. The #1Nitwit knows not of what he speaks. Hey, Niwit get your RV ready and all the Trump garbage flags, too! Don’t forget your beat up old maga hat too. Take plenty of KY gell for when you bend over for your idols Trump n Abutt. What a Retrumpican retard!!

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    1. Abbott and his thieving Republican homeboys will pocket the money when the Courts tell them they are acting illegally in building their white supremacist wall and summarily enjoin the sick effort.

      1. Nope. It will all be managed by the State Comptroller and open for public inspection. The real thieves are the tax and spend Democrats looking for a 6 trillion dollar or more infrastructure bill. Now that is sick!

          1. All moot right now. Which federal courts in Texas? I seriously doubt the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will rule against Governor Abbott if it even gets that high. Your supremacy clause argument doesn’t hold water if the Feds violated a constitutional right or a right given to a state. So are you saying that the illegals once they leave the Federal zone at the border can’t be apprehended by state authorities in Texas proper?

  5. The Nitwit Jail House lawyer has enlightened us all with his Judicial Wisdom. NOT! Legal matters are extremely complex but become clearer when States defy Federal laws under the US Constitution. Abutt thinks he can over rule the President of the US and Constitutional rights explicitly given to the Feds when ever he feels. Sorry, Abutt but that will not work! If he is allowed to collect taxes to build a wall, what’s next– an Abutt Army and Marines? After that he will want to invade California to jail his perceived Liberal and Commie enemies? Don’t stop there. He will want his own SCOTUS to rule over all other states? The Civil War is over and Texas lost! There will be no President of Texas elected by Texans. Abutt is just as delusional as “Trump Won The Election Hillbilly Rabble.” Where was the Wheelchair Fascist(Abutt) for the last 7 years. If he got his “wall started back in 2014 when he was elected Governor he might have his case heard by the SCOTUS by now and crying in his pillow because he was left bereft of his dream wall. Wait. Trump wasn’t President back in 2014, so he didn’t care for no stinking wall. But now…he must please Daddy Trump or get a good spanking.

    1. The nitwit is projecting his TDS to Abbot. So funny. Legal matters are complex to you and over your fat head due to your lack of education. You don’t even have a college degree Alberto. We all know you are the self proclaimed shit house lawyer. BTW – Now bend over and pay your taxes for the wall. And go back to school.

  6. I’ll let the Nitwit have a minute to take his Manic/Depressive pill with a cool glass of water so he can Tell us All why Abutt and Trump have a second, third, fourth, or fifth shot at building a wall that has not worked the last 100 years.

    1. Your hatred runs deep. There are tons of mental health resources out there. Seek some out. You don’t need to be ashamed of your mental illness.

    2. The wall works Alberto. You fell off it and hit your big fat head on the way down. It damaged your brain cells. You ever get off your fat ass and see the wall? Just cruise down the Border Highway. Also admire all that 21st Century technology deployed on the border. BTW – You taking any better anti-psychotic meds for your schizo condition. Your buddy dementia Joe says even though you are a LatinX he won’t deport you. LMAO.

    1. Charlie Dumbo are you saying state, county or local law enforcement can’t arrest an illegal alien after he/she has crossed the border and robbed a convenience store?

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