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Fox News says Abbott’s Texas border wall is a chain-link fence

DEL RIO, Texas -- Fox News is giving an inside look at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's promised U.S.-Mexico border wall, which is actually a chain-link fence.

In a tweet on Tuesday, a Fox News correspondent shared photos of it and wrote: "We were given access to the beginning construction of Gov. Abbott's promised Texas border barrier. The first 1.5 mile stretch is here in Del Rio, yards from the Rio Grande. No trespass signs will be added. Migrants will be arrested on state charges if they cross."

In the photos, the wall shown is simply a chain link fence with barbed wire on top.

The correspondent, who said he asked what a chain link fence would stop, got this answer: "Texas DPS tells me the idea is to cut the feds out of the equation. No trespass signs allow them to arrest on local charges. Instead of calling Border Patrol, they will take migrants to jail for violating Texas law."

El Paso Congresswoman Veronica Escobar responded with her own tweet: "Unless this chain link fence is built exactly along the U.S.-Mexico boundary - it is highly likely that it stands feet, yards or even miles away from the border. If that's the case, then migrants arriving at the fence are already on American soil and have the right to request asylum."

Erik Elken

Erik Elken co-anchors ABC-7’s flagship newscasts.



  1. Then your taxes pay for the housing/meals/transportation. But there’s a problem with Delanders…….his taxes are measly compared to what he gets handed out.

  2. Wouldn’t it just be simpler to enact sweeping immigration reform? Nothing Abbott is doing will work and since states have no say so over immigration matters, all his moves are legally questionable. Under the current plans, we have hundreds crossing every day and we don’t know who or what they are.

  3. The only statement made to migrants coming out of the White House was: “Don’t come. We will enforce our current immigration laws”. That is still the position of the administration. You’re going to have to start keeping up. Another thing that might help you in your dealings with reality would be to stop watching FOX News.

    1. Instead of watching fake news CNN or MSNBC you would know the truth. The fact is Biden and his DHS Secretary Mayo invited them here.

    2. Source not Fox News. ” According to CBP illegal border crossings explode by 674% in a year: Biden’s migrant crisis worsens with 180,000 crossing in May and this year on track to be highest since 2006. July 2, 2021.

  4. Not only have they lost the arguement, they have lost the Presidency, Senate, and House. Lost their minds somewhere along the way, too. Look at their Loser idiot of Ex President living in Cloud Nine.

    1. How’s that slim 50/50 majority treating you leftists? Both the House and Senate will flip red in 2022 whether you like it or not. So what did you win? Nada!

  5. Hey Abbot!!!!!!! Costello is yelling for you! Chain link SALE is going on at Home Depot. Don’t miss it or your “wall” won’t get finished!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. The first time a strong wind whips around on the border, the “wall” will fly away all the way to Dopey’s shack house. Don’t forget to pick up the “wall” and return it to Abbot when it lands in your backyard.

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