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CBP outlines border reopening plans for Nov. 8: Here’s what you need to know

EL PASO, Texas — On Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued guidance containing new details related to the reopening of the U.S. border with Mexico on Nov. 8 to vaccinated foreign visitors for tourism and other non-essential travel.

Here's what you need to know about the new policies for travelers:

  • CBP anticipates an increase in border wait times. They're preparing for pre-pandemic levels, and are working to have the proper staffing in place.
  • U.S. Citizens are not required to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination when crossing into U.S.
  • Non-citizens must have documentation of their Covid-19 vaccination. This could be either a digital document or a physical document (i.e. vaccination card).
  • CBP officers will be asking non-citizens if they are vaccinated. They may only need to provide a verbal response to get into the country. However, they must have their documentation ready to go since they could be refused entry for not providing it.
  • Documents can be in Spanish.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 can cross without vaccination, as long as they're accompanied by an adult who is vaccinated.
  • Covid tests are not required to cross land borders.
  • All FDA approved vaccines, as well as, all vaccines that have an Emergency Use Listing (EUL) from the World Health Organization will be accepted for air travel. This includes Astrazeneca, Sinovac and Sinopharm, which were all administered in Mexico. Full list can be found by clicking here.
  • Individuals are considered fully-vaccinated:
    - 2 weeks (14 days) after your dose of an accepted single-dose Covid-19 vaccine;
    - 2 weeks (14 days) after your second dose of an accepted 2-dose series Covid-19 vaccine;
    - 2 weeks (14 days) after you received the full series of an “active” (not placebo) Covid-19 vaccine in the U.S.-based - AstraZeneca or Novavax Covid-19 vaccine trials; or
    - 2 weeks (14 days) after you received 2 doses of any “mix-and-match” combination of accepted Covid-19 vaccines administered at least 17 days apart.

Mauricio Casillas

El Paso native Mauricio Casillas co-anchors ABC-7’s Good Morning El Paso.

Saul Saenz

El Paso native Saul Saenz is a veteran reporter who also hosts ABC-7 Extra.



  1. Shutting the border didn’t work. Masks didn’t work. Social distancia didn’t work. Lockdowns and shutdowns didn’t work. You cannot stop a highly contagious from spreading.

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