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Over 200 eateries across New Mexico have closed down due to Covid-19

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- The New Mexico restaurant association is reporting that at least 200 restaurants and diners have been forced to close down across the state, unable to struggle through the coronavirus pandemic.

Thoughts of maintaining their business presence are also drying up for Zeebs eatery, located out front of Mayfield High School.

The reason for the decline in sales is easily summed up by Zeebs' general manager.

“You got 3 important things here," said general manager Tony Mendoza. "The first one is location, the second one is location and the last one is location.”

He thought he had a great location locked down right across from what is usually a very busy school with plenty of hungry kids coming and going.

And through the first four years of the business, that is exactly what they had until the pandemic kicked into high gear.

As with many other stores, the pandemic brought with it a disastrous summer that left Zeebs hanging by a thread.

And slashed away a large chunk of its revenue.

“Yeah, we lost like about 50% during the summer period," said Mendoza.

They only survived with help from one saving grace.

“We have been very blessed because we have the drive through and we have been able to speed up the customers before we had the dine-in but now we have opened the dine-in," he said.

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Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon is an ABC-7 reporter who co-anchors Good Morning El Paso weekends.


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