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Albertsons reverses policy, will still require masks for Texas store customers

UPDATE, March 5: Albertsons changed course on Friday, saying it would now continue to mandate masks for customers in its Texas grocery stores when a state requirement expires next week.

Just a couple days ago, the chain drew a flurry of attention when a spokesperson told ABC-7 it would lift the mask requirement when the state does on March 10.

But in a new statement issued Friday evening, Albertsons said while it recognizes that mask requirements are "controversial and polarizing" - it had reconsidered and decided to continue requiring customers to mask up.

The company said part of the reason for the new decision was the fact that grocery store workers have not yet had full access to coronavirus vaccinations, so they still face a risk. In addition, Albertsons also noted that the CDC still strongly recommends mask use to prevent virus spread.

"Subsequently, our stores and facilities in Texas will continue to require masks for associates, vendors and customers regardless of the mask mandate being lifted," Albertsons spokesperson Nancy Keane said in a statement sent to ABC-7.

ORIGINAL REPORT, March 3: EL PASO, Texas -- ABC-7 has confirmed that the Albertsons grocery chain will drop a mask requirement for Texas store customers when the state lifts its pandemic restrictions next week.

According to Albertsons spokesperson Nancy Keane, Albertsons will not require customers in El Paso or elsewhere in Texas to wear a mask when shopping there as of March 10.

However, vendors and employees will still be required to wear masks until further notice, she said.

Alberstons operates seven store locations in El Paso.

Saul Saenz

El Paso native Saul Saenz is a veteran reporter who also hosts ABC-7 Extra.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Thanks for letting us know. I’ll make sure to avoid shopping in-store at their locations. In my opinion, too early to open up without masks!

      1. The government is not “interfering”. The government is trying to save lives. Wear a mask or not. No one cares. Most people are going to continue to follow the CDC guidelines. I know I will. If the hospitalizations go up above 15% covid cases, the government will step in and shut it down again. Do what you want. I’m doing exactly what Fauci tells me to do. Most Americans will also.

          1. Next Wednesday, I will be at Albertson’s at 1300 hours, wearing a blue polo with American Embassy, Moscow Russia on it, and I will not be wearing a mask. Hope to see you there mark/charlie/alberto.

      1. That’s very true. But too many stupid fuckers give shit to those who chose to wear a mask. They are just as bad as those who mock wearing a mask. There’s a shit ton of videos on YouTube to prove my point. Hell, former heavyweight boxer (and El Paso native, Franklin HS grad) David Rodriguez openly tells people in social media to mock them. Likewise, asshats like Keith Olbermann is on social media telling Biden to stop giving the vaccines to Texas because of Abbott’s ruling. They are both idiots. Hell, I’ve read buffoons talk shit about those who wear and don’t wear masks on this very site. Stupid fuckers on the far side of each realm (Trumpsters to antifa lovers) just want to get into each other’s business.

  2. Customers will still be allowed to wear masks. Their employees and vendors will be required to wear them. I will happily not wear one. But I’m not going to give any grief to anyone that does.

  3. GoofyMike will be at Albertsons on North Mesa wearing a Red Afro wig, a big Red nose with Clown make up and floppy size 30 shoes with a sign on his back saying KICK ME I’M STUPID! Please feel free to get behind him and give him a good kick in the Ass for being another Dumbass Republican Covid19 denier! But please wear a mask when you get near him. He is a one man Covid19 virus spreader!! Have fun Everybody!!!

  4. Albertsons saw GoofyMike in his Moscow Embassy get-up standing by the main entrance and harassing customers wearing a mask, so they called the police to remove him. Later that day Albertsons reinstated the mandatory mask policy. WAY TO GO MIKE!!

  5. Most business will ignore Governor Greg “Hot Wheels” Abbott’s tantrum directives not to wear masks and 100 percent business openings. This Trump dick sucker is just trying to deflect the shitty job he does as governor. Glad I live in Western Texas where no one gives a shit about an Abbot or a Trump.

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