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Lack of oil tank truck drivers in El Paso & the nation slows transport, hikes gas prices

EL PASO, Texas -- With a nationwide shortage of skilled tanker truck drivers, fleets of transport vehicles sit idle in their lots.

That's according to National Tank Truck Carriers, an industry trade group, which estimates that between 20 and 25% of all tanker trucks are not currently being utilized.

Angel Ponce of Erives Enterprises, an El Paso-based trucking company, told ABC-7 that when there are not enough skilled drivers to transport oil to refineries, it creates a lack of supply - which in turn raises the price of gasoline due to the demand.

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Ponce said his firm and others are actively looking for drivers to alleviate the shortage.

“It is a difficult job but it is also very well paid for a trade job, so we expect for the job to catch up along with technology to be a little more appealing to the younger generation,” he said. “It is not a fancy job, it is to a glamorous job. It's not an Instagram worthy kind of job, but at the same time it is very noble.”

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Wil Herren

Wil Herren is an ABC-7 reporter who covers both news and sports.



  1. I am no expert, but the pipeline that was carrying crude oil that its expansion was stopped by the dumbass at the White House would have made transportation much efficient, ‘green’, and economic.

    I can sure go for some mean tweets and $1.50 gasoline right now.

  2. Here is yet another trump idiot blaming “everything” on other people because he’s pissed his maggot president is OUT OF OFFICE BABY!!!!! ABBOTT IS NEXT.

  3. Them trumpers are too stupid to realize that 1.50 gas was caused by the pandemic. Trump failed to control the pandemic. Lets see………………. most people were out of work for a year. Less need to drive. Demand was down. Prices dropped. Before pandemic gas prices were what they are now. This is basic economics. Trumpers are too estuped.

  4. yeah, because benedict biden shutting down the pipeline and canceling oil sources had nothing to do with it. come on kvia, you guys are becoming more obvious every day

  5. You probably should start looking at electric vehicles since there will be no more gas powered vehicles in another 5 years. Gas Prices were low a few months ago and there was no pipeline then. Gas supplies still have not recovered from the Republican ERCOT fiasco when the grid went down and caused all the Texas refineries to shut down. Presidents have no connection whatever to the price of gasoline.

    1. Hey nitwit gasoline prices went up well over a dollar since your buddy dementia Joe was inaugurated. Shutting down pipelines doesn’t help along with pushing a so called green deal that is totally bogus. ERCOT has nothing to do with gasoline prices. Explain how the rest of Texas (central, East and North) which was affected by the winter is over 50 cents or more cheaper than El Paso right now. We all know you blamed Trump for everything that went wrong with this country but you won’t blame your buddy dementia Joe. His 100 days was a total trainwreck. You are worse than a hypocrite. BTW – How’s that Tesla you don’t really own treating you? LMAO.

  6. Another fine fake news story from leftist KVIA. The reporters need to get out of their libturd bubbles and see what the rest of Texas is like and verify whether their bogus narrative is true.

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