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Borderland businesses seek support beyond Small Business Saturday

EL PASO, Texas -- Just one week after Small Business Saturday, small businesses continue to see the support from the local community. 

Borderland businesses say that the help from the community has been felt during this holiday season. 

Anne Mitchell, the owner of So El Paso, told ABC-7 that in past years she had never seen a huge turnout on Black Friday. However, that changed this year. 

“This Black Friday was really good. We have honestly never had a good Black Friday like this year.” 

Mitchell says that her shoppers tell her that they want to shop local. 

“El Paso has really come out and supported us and they tell us, 'I am here because I want to shop local. I am here because I don’t want to shop online. I am here because I want to support my community.'”

She says that although many are shopping in store, others are choosing to shop online.

Joel Estrada, the project manager for Chuco Relic, told ABC-7 that this year they saw a 30% increase for sales during Small Business Saturday. 

Estrada says that he was surprised by the 30% increase, but he is thankful the community is turning to their business for souvenirs and custom keepsakes. 

Estrada says that he sees a combination of customers - those who are from the Borderland area and those who come visit and want a souvenir to take home. 

Estraada encourages the public to shop local instead of big name stores, especially during the holiday season. 

“When you shop local like us here at Chuco Relic, instead of shopping at the mall, you are supporting that cause and helping that growth of El Paso - not just a stop by city and leave, but one where people will come and visit," he said.

Rosemary Montanez



  1. I would shop small businesses more if they weren’t so danged expensive. I’m on a fixed income so I have to be careful how I spend my money. Case in point: A few years back I needed an in-wall TP holder to finish my bathroom re-model. Big box stores didn’t have the colour I wanted. Local businesses had what I wanted but at $130. Amazon had the same thing, $16, and free shipping. I suspect you can guess who got my business.

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