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Long Covid testing lines boost hot dog vendor’s bottom line

EL PASO, Texas – Covid testing lines have been wrapping around buildings. Frustrated El Pasoans have been waiting for hours. One business happens to be at the right place at the right time.

As the sun begins to set in the Sun city, brake lights shine on a Covid testing facility on the west side. But it's not the only thing lighting up the parking lot.

The neon sign for the 'Doggo's' hot dog stand illuminates an area almost smack dab in the middle of the parking lot.

Manager Denise Ortiz tells ABC-7 she’s been running the food and snack stand for seven years.

The place known for serving Mexican-style hotdogs has recently seen a new wave of customers.

Ortiz tells ABC-7 people get out of their cars and get in line to buy food.

Ortiz said people are in the testing line in the morning, and several hours later, they get hungry.

"And it's not only the people in line, workers also place their orders for food," Ortiz said.

Ortiz said her sales have gone up about ten percent since the Covid testing lines have increased.

"I'm sure it’s inconvenient for them but it’s a great help to us," Ortiz said.

But what about when the lines go away?

Ortiz tells ABC-7 they are trying to provide excellent service so that those customers can come back in the future.

Jerry Najera

Jerry Najera is an ABC-7 reporter/photographer.



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    1. You’re a moron. Electric cars are much better quality than any current polluting cars. You’ll be driving one soon or your stupid a.. Will be walking.

  2. The long lines at these testing sites is another thing to shake your head at, these people are sitting in their cars idling for hours and playing on the telephone, ridiculous!

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